IT Staffing

Project Team

With IT project staffing, you’re afforded the flexibility to outsource partial or entire IT projects. Your company gets the benefits of a team with highly specialized technical skills to achieve the desired result without a reduction in productivity from your core team(s).

IT project staffing

At CERS, we understand the challenges your company faces. You must operate at an accelerated pace to maximize opportunities, innovate, remain competitive, retain customers, and most importantly: show profits. That’s why CERS offers project team staffing – to help you accomplish your goals.

Why it matters

Companies often pass up opportunities either due to a lack of resources or the expense required to build out the resources outweighs the return on investment. We offer an efficient solution: Project Staffing.


Project staffing is designed to afford you the flexibility to outsource parts of an internal project or an entire project – the choice is yours. As a result, your core group of employees can maintain focus and maximize productivity. Your company gets access to the specific skill sets and experience needed at the exact time you need it.

How it works

Our project teams offer as much or as little control as you like. We assemble a team of workers with specific and verified skills to complete the task on time and within your budget. All teams in excess of 5 employees will include a CERS project lead to report back to your department head and to spearhead communication with the remaining project team.


This solution can be priced hourly or by completion depending on the nature and duration of the project. Service level agreements (SLAs) are outlined in advance and performance bonuses are generally part of the agreement to maximize your ROI.


With this program, you can take advantage of benefits, such as:

  • Instant bursts in productivity when you need it.
  • Reduced overhead for skills you only need occasionally.
  • Innovation without distraction from running your business.
  • Quicker results with highly skilled experts.
  • Fully-funded programs that serve as bridge loans (pending credit).

Variations of Project Staffing and Customer Solutions

There are many variations of project staffing because we design solutions based on your specific needs, however,  below are a few examples of successful project team implementations:

  • Department build out or relocation – Need to build a specialized department without the cost of hiring full-time staff?  Relocating your team and need to build out in a new location?
  • Support team – Whether you need limited support or full support we can help
  • Software conversion – Converting to new software when you don’t have the internal resources to make the process seamless without sacrificing current projects.
  • Advanced technology – Infrastructure initiatives, data center upgrades, unified communications, virtualization, storage, SFDC customization,  Amazon AWS initiatives, and too many more to list.

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