IT Staffing


CERS’ unique direct hire strategy combines our proven recruitment process with a promise to protect your investment for up to five years – one of the longest guarantees in the industry.

Our process reduces time and money normally spent during the hiring process, which increases your overall productivity.

Contract IT staffing

Your company is expected to do more with fewer resources. This can create a lot of pressure that is felt throughout your organization.


That’s why at CERS, we offer IT staff augmentation solutions designed to help you handle short-term and project staffing throughout your company. Fill in gaps by providing specific productivity boosts exactly when and where you need them, without dealing with the hiring process or additional payroll expenses. This approach allows you to maintain a core workforce that can be quickly expanded or contracted to accomplish your changing business needs.


Whether it’s seasonal needs, specific skills, or additional resources for special IT projects, this program allows you to produce maximum results without the overhead or fixed cost of a full-time employee.

Better Productivity + Faster Results

Our IT staff augmentation services offer fast and effective solutions for as long as you need them. Whether you’re looking for an employee to fill in during a short-term absence or need to supplement your workforce with a flexible staffing strategy, we will help you to achieve your staffing objectives.


Here’s a few perks of using our services:

  • Maintain peak productivity with a flexible work force.
  • Boost production immediately.
  • Industry-leading evaluation and assessment tools to access talent.

We don’t just locate IT professionals with the right skills, we also locate those with the highest caliber of talent. We specialize in placing individuals with the ability to step in and produce results immediately with very little training. These employees are independent workers and self-starters who thrive in this type of environment. Best of all, you can monitor candidates in actual work conditions, avoid liability and cost separation expenses, and get delayed benefit eligibility, which adds up to measurable cost savings.

We’re ready to help!

Enjoy total control over your IT project deadlines and deliverables by getting access to as few or as many employees as you need. We will ensure a transparent blending of skills and culture. Whatever your needs, CERS is here to help.

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If you need assistance from a staffing and recruiting agency in South Florida, there are a few more steps to take than to just say “I need administrative assistants / customer service reps / software developers!” 


Yes, a staffing firm can help you save time and money while making it easier to find the qualified people you need to succeed, but great staffing results are largely a result of maximizing your relationship with your staffing vendor.

This informative white paper will detail the necessary steps to boost your hiring processes, retain employees, and ultimately boost productivity and revenue.

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