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The Cutting Edge Difference

We deliver candidates with the necessary personality, skills, and experience for your open positions, with minimal invested time on your part. If you don’t extend one of our candidates an offer of employment, you owe nothing.

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Process & Technology

Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions was founded with one simple concept in mind – to simplify the recruiting and hiring process so that you can be more productive and profitable.

Our candidate recruitment process combined with sophisticated technologies help you succeed quickly by providing unrivaled, cost-effective solutions for the unique staffing & recruitment challenges you face.

5 years guaranteed

Our five year guarantee is the longest in the industry, giving you total peace of mind

Like many staffing firms, CERS offers 100% free replacement up to 90 calendar days for direct hire placements. But unlike most agencies, CERS has guarantee extension options that extend for up to five years*.

We’re so confident that associates we send you will be highly productive, our extended coverage is valid whether separation occurs – or if you promoted your CERS hire and need to back fill the original position. If you have optioned for the extended protection, we will take care of it immediately and for just half the cost of the original placement fee.

*Only applicable to positions with an annual salary of $75K and up.

Proven processes

Our thorough (but fast) 21-step candidate selection process delivers repeatable results

Our 21-step recruitment process consists of a step-by-step plan of action to find, attract, and deliver the best candidates for your unique position. This logical and structured approach means we are not reinventing the wheel each time we undertake a search. Instead, we concentrate all of our resources on tailoring the search process to build the best candidate pool for your unique requirements.

Tenured recruiters

Our experienced recruiters know the market and your industry to help you make great hires quickly

The recruiters in the Information Technology, Workforce Staffing, and Government Services divisions take the necessary time to completely understand your hiring needs and objectives. They know which questions to ask and what conversations to have to make sure your specific company’s positions are filled properly. More importantly, these conversations help our recruiters find employees that will be a appropriate fit for your company culture.

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If you need assistance from a staffing and recruiting agency in South Florida, there are a few more steps to take than to just say “I need administrative assistants / customer service reps / software developers!” 


Yes, a staffing firm can help you save time and money while making it easier to find the qualified people you need to succeed, but great staffing results are largely a result of maximizing your relationship with your staffing vendor.

This informative white paper will detail the necessary steps to boost your hiring processes, retain employees, and ultimately boost productivity and revenue.