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Direct Hire

CERS’ unique direct hire strategy combines our proven recruitment process with a promise to protect your investment for up to five years – one of the longest guarantees in the industry.

Our process reduces time and money normally spent during the hiring process, which increases your overall productivity.

Direct Hire IT Staffing

Finding and attracting the market’s best IT job seekers has never been easier. The secret is our 21-Step Recruitment Process. It’s a thorough (hence 21 steps) but rest assured, it was created for speed. The process is documented, repeatable, consistent, and delivers the results you’re seeking – guaranteed!

In today’s competitive technology market, you need recruiters who speak technology and who can actually locate and excite exceptional talent for your opportunity. We don’t just search active seekers on the job boards, we take it a step further by targeting passive candidates too.

Passive job seekers are candidates who are actively employed, but are open to new opportunities if it aligns with their career goals. CERS recruiters target both types of talent so that you can interview a short list of interested and qualified candidates who possess the skills to actually do the job right.

Guarantee: Protect your investment for up to 5 years

CERS has a unique strategy that is based purely on your success: if you don’t hire one of our candidates, you pay nothing. It’s a delivery model that doesn’t just offer the best technical talent – it’s a model that’s backed with a promise to protect and guarantee your investment for up to 5 years.*

With our direct hire program, you can:


  • Reduce time spent filling IT positions from months to just weeks or often days.
  • Choose from the best available IT candidates, whether they are active or passive job seekers.
  • Increase retention with properly qualified job seekers who have career goals that align with what you have to offer.
  • Protect that position against turn over, or back fill a promotion for up to 5 years.

Productivity Faster

CERS reduces the amount of time it takes to fill positions, period. Here’s why it’s important: each day a position is left unfilled, your company loses money either through lost productivity or lost opportunities. Vacancies can also become distractions which end up stealing precious time from your strategic investments and high level initiatives.

The CERS Direct Hire program cuts out the distractions and returns you to peak productivity. Many customers simply invest the time to outline the ideal hire with one of our expert recruiters and then return to mission critical tasks while we find, attract, and deliver job seekers that possess the required background, skill sets, and personality. You simply review our shortlist of interested candidates and conduct interviews saving valuable time and money.

*Only applicable to IT positions with an annual salary of $75K and up.

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