Let our dedicated Information Technology Services Division deliver talented tech candidates quickly to your team so you can stay productive and profitable.

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The right technical prowess

IT and technology positions can be challenging to fill. These jobs require in-demand skills which makes finding candidates with the right technical prowess and relevant job experience difficult.

Managers get frustrated about not having truly qualified IT & tech candidates to choose from when trying to build teams. Many have even suggested that very few agency recruiters understand actual fit beyond simple keyword matching, which is true – they need savvy recruiters who can speak their technical language and understand job fit.

Working with the IT recruiters at CERS means gaining access to candidates for you to interview that are truly qualified to succeed in your unique technical environment. Plus, you have nothing to lose; if you don’t make a hire, you don’t pay a dime.  Don’t forget to ask about our 5-year guarantee!

If it’s one thing our clients agree on, it’s how simple we’ve made the recruitment process for them so that they can focus on more big picture items. If you’re curious about how you can take your IT and technology departments to the next level, start a conversation with one of our recruiters.

Our Range of IT services

CERS understands that you need long-term IT staffing solutions. To deliver those solutions, our IT recruiters thoroughly research your company’s unique hiring needs, including your corporate culture, department responsibilities, leadership style, and the dynamics of your IT team(s). That way, we’ll find you candidates that can hit the ground running and make an impact when you need it most.

Direct Hire IT Staffing

CERS’ unique direct hire strategy combines our proven recruitment process with a promise to protect your investment for up to five years – one of the longest guarantees in the industry.

Our process reduces time and money normally spent during the hiring process, which increases your overall productivity.

Contract IT Staffing

Get specific productivity boosts within your technical teams with IT staff augmentation. Customers use this to service to handle short-term and project-based staffing requirements, as well as, to gain knowledge transfer with newer tools.

This flexible staffing strategy is fast, effective, and available for as long as you need it. We fill in the gaps that may exist in your department with Associates who have demonstrated success working with the specifics you require. With over 2800 skill assessments, we’re sure to validate their ability.

Contract-to-Hire IT Staffing

Ensuring tech candidates are a suitable fit for your company has become more important than ever for employee retention.

With CERS, you can bring on a tech team member without making a long term commitment. If their skills, attitude, and personality are a good fit for your team, easily transition them from our payroll to yours. Think of it as a “working interview.”

IT Project Staffing

With IT project staffing, you’re afforded the flexibility to outsource partial or entire IT projects. Your company gets the benefits of a team with highly specialized technical skills to achieve the desired result without a reduction in productivity from your core team(s).

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Let our dedicated Information Technology Services Division deliver talented tech candidates quickly to your team so you can stay productive and profitable.


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