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Contract to Hire

Ensuring tech candidates are a suitable fit for your company has become more important than ever for employee retention.

With CERS, you can bring on a tech team member without making a long term commitment. If their skills, attitude, and personality are a good fit for your team, easily transition them from our payroll to yours. Think of it as a “working interview.”

Contract to hire IT staffing

Imagine testing a new employee to make sure they’re a good fit for your company before hiring them full time. The CERS Contract-to-Hire program does exactly that. You can hire a full time employee and conduct a “working interview” to monitor candidates in actual work conditions for as short as 1-month and up to one year before you add them to your payroll.


CERS combines the speed and flexibility of our contract IT staffing services with the power of our direct hire recruitment process to deliver a powerful solution for your company. Get ultimate control and enjoy our cost-saving strategies.


Enjoy benefits such as:

  • Limited Liability – Avoid liability and costly separation expenses, as candidates are CERS employees until you convert them.
  • No commitment – Selected candidates remain on CERS payroll – you commit only when you’re ready.
  • Cost savings – Get delayed benefit eligibility which adds up to money saved as the associate will have CERS benefits.
  • Seamless transition – Convert from CERS payroll to your internal payroll whenever you are ready.

At CERS, we review your requirements and create a short list of the highest qualified candidates that fit your organization and culture. We present only the best candidates who are available to start immediately.

Your job is simple

Select the best candidate for your position and put them to work. Then sit back and evaluate the individual’s impact on your organization in real time. Best of all, once the evaluation period is complete, you’ll have an opportunity to hire the individual full-time.

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Let our dedicated Information Technology Services Division deliver talented tech candidates quickly to your team so you can stay productive and profitable.


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If you need assistance from a staffing and recruiting agency in South Florida, there are a few more steps to take than to just say “I need administrative assistants / customer service reps / software developers!” 


Yes, a staffing firm can help you save time and money while making it easier to find the qualified people you need to succeed, but great staffing results are largely a result of maximizing your relationship with your staffing vendor.

This informative white paper will detail the necessary steps to boost your hiring processes, retain employees, and ultimately boost productivity and revenue.

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