Office Project

Team Staffing

With office project team staffing, you’re afforded the flexibility to outsource partial or entire administrative projects, giving your company the benefits of a team with proven administrative skills to achieve the desired result. This service can be easily scaled to reach the desired outcome in the time frame necessary – without a reduction in productivity from your core workforce.

Office Project Team Staffing Services

CERS recognizes that you must operate at an accelerated pace to remain competitive, maximize opportunities, retain customers, innovate, and most importantly: show profits. That’s why we offer office project team staffing – to help your business accomplish its goals.


After partnering with you to determine what the office project staffing requirements are, our Office Services division develops a project staffing plan to select and assemble the project team.


The project staffing plan specifies:

  • How long the project staff members are needed.
  • The specific roles and skill sets required for the project’s execution.
  • Whether any training will be needed or provided.

Once a clear outline of what steps need to be executed to complete the project’s tasks is in place, we get to work locating and recruiting administrative candidates with the most critical talents and skill sets.


We make sure the right combination of administrative associates, their capabilities, and experience levels are in place to deliver results. Since some companies have needs that require a broader area of coverage, we can reach out to additional consultants to ensure that the team we assemble is both well matched and will be seamlessly integrated with your implementation requirements.


Our clerical project team remains on your project from concept to completion. As always, we monitor our administrative associates’ progress and handle issues before they arise.

Advantages of office project team staffing:

  • Less time spent procuring admins.
  • Innovation without distraction from running your business.
  • Assurance that your project team has complementary skills and synergy.
  • Project management provided at no additional cost.

Our office project team staffing model allows you to quickly scale up – or scale down – and assemble the ultimate dream team for your administrative project.

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