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For long-term needs, CERS’ unique direct hire strategy for office and administrative positions consists of our proven recruitment process, complete with sourcing, screening, interviewing, and testing candidates. We only submit clerical candidates who have gone through our thorough recruitment process so that you only interview those with the necessary skills and experience to excel in your organization.

Direct Hire
Workforce Staffing Services

Each day a position is left unfilled, your company loses money, either through lost productivity or opportunities. On top of that, some key Office Services positions that become vacancies can be burdensome and distracting, stealing time from you or other  team members.

While we provide excellent administrative and clerical personnel this division also supports Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, & Marketing professionals.

CERS’ sole focus is for your company to maximize productivity, resources, and retention. We’re able to do that by taking the search for viable office candidates out of your hands enabling you to focus on your more pressing business goals while we build you a short lit of interested and qualified candidate to consider.

21-Step Recruitment Process that works!

CERS takes advantage of an exclusive 21-step recruitment process and overall plan of action to find, attract, and deliver the best candidates for your specific position. Our approach is logical and structured, tailoring the search to build the best candidate pool for your unique requirements quickly.

We believe that successful searches are truly a partnership between a motivated and involved client and the experienced office Services recruitment team. So whether you’re seeking clerical, administrative, or any office services support role we have a process that is guaranteed to work or you don’t pay, period!

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If you need assistance from a staffing and recruiting agency in South Florida, there are a few more steps to take than to just say “I need administrative assistants / customer service reps / software developers!” 


Yes, a staffing firm can help you save time and money while making it easier to find the qualified people you need to succeed, but great staffing results are largely a result of maximizing your relationship with your staffing vendor.

This informative white paper will detail the necessary steps to boost your hiring processes, retain employees, and ultimately boost productivity and revenue.

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