Prove Potential Over Just Credentials!


A candidate who has all the right certifications, experience, and references may seem perfect for an organization. However, if you have a solid working foundation, and the will to continue learning and succeeding at work, an underqualified candidate may actually win out in a job interview – provided, you know how to sell your competence. Here’s how to prove your potential:

Be Willing to Learn Having credentials is great – and often necessary – but what comes after that? Candidates who already have credentials are generally set in their ways, and feel they’ve paid their dues. They’re not always willing to put in extra hours to maintain their knowledge, or further their skills. Showing an employer your willingness to obtain any necessary credentials and continue your education with the company puts you ahead of someone with tired skills or outdated information, and positions you as a willing learner, instead of a “know it all” expert.

Declare Your Passion Having passion for your career or industry is one of the most sought-after skills in any job. If you can prove to a hiring manager or employer that a true passion glows inside you, they will be more impressed by that than any “soft skill” or certification. Passion is what keeps an employee hungry for knowledge, experience, new skills, and drives an employee to grow within an organization. Prove your passion in an interview, and you show a facet that no credential can outshine.

Be Humble Realizing that you are potentially underqualified, and being honest about it, is the start to a meaningful relationship with a company. Addressing your missing credentials or not-yet cultivated skills in an interview is the best way to deter being disqualified from a job because of them. Tell the interviewer point blank that you realize your potential shortfall, and provide a plan to accomplish these skills and credentials before or shortly after being hired, and you will impress the company with not only your honestly, but your willingness to truly earn the position.

Credentials are important. They are a strong backbone for industries like IT. But they are not the “be all end all” of a job applicant. Following these steps and selling your potential to an employer will be much more impressive than almost any credential on paper could ever be. At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we can coach you on proving yourself to employers. We can assess your skills and help place you on the path to your dream job in the IT industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed, prove your potential and place you in an IT job in South Florida.

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