How to Reduce Millennial Turnover!


Millennials are quickly proving themselves to be a driving force in today’s workplace. Their creativity, passion and drive have almost eradicated the image of self-centered “Gen Y”ers who demand instant gratification and 140 character information. So what can you do to keep this new workforce engaged and reduce their turnover?

Give them Challenges and Opportunities Accustomed to their own eight-second attention span, and used to constant information, millennials don’t take too much to become bored. At work, this holds true. By offering millennials new challenges, projects, and opportunities to rise within your organization, you will keep them engaged and determined to prove themselves. The last thing you want is for your workers to become bored, because that is when they will start looking elsewhere for a more exciting environment.

Give Feedback This generation is used to receiving ribbons just for showing up, so they expect a pat on the back now and again at work. Use this knowledge to give positive feedback whenever possible, and constructive criticism when necessary. Knowing where they stand at work, and receiving the occasional “gold star” will keep these employees satisfied, and reduce their chances of looking elsewhere for work.

Continually Motivate Throwing a pizza lunch, offering incentives, and laying out a clear path for success at work will help motivate these Gen Y workers. While doing a good job at work should be enough of a motivation, sometimes an extra nudge goes along way. Not only will these small, inexpensive motivation tactics keep millennials on task, offering a bit of fun in the office will provide a discrete incentive for them to remain happy – and in place – within your organization.

In just over 10 years, the U.S. workforce will be 75 percent comprised of millennial workers. So it’s key to keep them engaged and reduce their turnover within your company now, to ensure successful long-term employees. If you need advice on managing a millennial workforce, or any other hiring needs, contact the team at Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions. We know how to best handle and hire millennials, and how to maximize their impact within your organization. For more information on IT Recruiting in Miami, contact us today!

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