How to Build a More Diverse IT Workforce


Building a diverse IT workforce is something that isn’t always easy. For years, IT has been disproportionately worked by males, mostly Caucasian, Indian and Asian. At first glance, this might seem discriminatory; however, a more in-depth study reveals that, predominantly, others simply aren’t interested. With total STEM graduates at an all-time low, Hispanic and female graduates are no exceptions. Female freshmen interested in computer science degrees has hovered around 5% the last few years, and moves up to around 9.5% by senior year (both of these are about a 10% drop from the 90’s and early 2000’s). Hispanic candidates have more interest, at around 9.8%, but this level only rises a few points by completion. This shows there are qualified candidates, but they’re not always easy to find. Here are the 3 best ways to find diverse talent:

1. Veteran job boards. Qualified veterans are somewhat easier to find, comparatively. Partly because of the Post 9/11 GI Bill, veterans have access to less expensive (or free) schooling. Use LinkedIn to search for a military job history, or check veteran-specific forums like, Vetjobs, etc. Often, veterans will be able to offer a perspective few others can, and tend to be well disciplined.

2. Sororities and female business associations. While this isn’t the only means for increasing female presence, it can be a good way to find qualified candidates. Often, organizations specifically designed to empower women will go through great lengths to help you find qualified staff. Females also bring a different perspective into the IT world, and can greatly help a business’s overall versatility.

3. African-American organizations. Groups like the National Society of Black Engineers are dedicated to qualified professionals, and boast impressive numbers. The National Black MBA Association is also a solid base to draw from. But the Black Data Processing Associates is the predominant group dedicated to IT, and with over 40 chapters, it’s a great organization to attract prospective candidates.

4. Hispanic organizations. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a chapter in most cities, and is a good place to start. Many of them will have contact with well-qualified IT professionals. The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility is another great place to look, and work with businesses that hire or want to hire a larger Hispanic base.

Diversity is a politically charged subject, and can be difficult to navigate. However, there are resources for companies to ensure they’re doing due diligence in hiring a wide variety of qualified candidates. The best resource for building a diverse team comes from a great recruiter. At CERS, we understand the challenges businesses face on several fronts, and can help your business grow. We retain an elite network of IT talent in Boca, and can help you build the team you’re looking for. Contact us today for a consultation to get started!

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