Proper Use of Social Media during Your Job Search


For some reason, when a recruiter makes phone contact with a candidate, this seems to signal to some candidates that it’s socially acceptable to friend request them or connect with them on LinkedIn. Other candidates do not follow this course of actions. Which one is right and which one increases your chances of acing the interview?

First and foremost, the best online activity you could be doing is researching the company. Over 77% of interviewers will ask you what you know about the company, usually sometime in the beginning. For some recruiters, a blank stare as a response is an automatic “no,” and the remainder of the interview is a professional courtesy. With other recruiters, it isn’t an automatic veto, but it’s definitely not in your favor.

On the other hand, being able to provide a comprehensive answer to this question is your best chance to show your knowledge and separate yourself, as the level playing field here is even among all candidates. Ideally, the answer should entail the history, foundation, and some financials of the company, as well as product or service selection.

Social media provides a ton of benefits, even for job searches. Predominantly, however, Facebook is and should remain completely personal. If you use it exclusively for business functions, wait until you have been working there for a little while. Also, ensure that there are no embarrassing, political or religious memes, inappropriate content, or anything that can be offensive.

LinkedIn has different rules, in part because it’s specifically designed for business networking. However, it’s still beneficial to wait until you’re involved in the company prior to connecting. With LinkedIn, the difference is that if you look at a member’s profile, they can see that, and Facebook cannot. To do some background research about the recruiter is wise, but going to their profile more than once can be unseemly. However, if you examine their profile, it’s still wise to abstain from connecting until they request you.

Social media in general has its own etiquette, predominantly guided by common sense. Using it wisely could land you the job, but mismanaging it could cost you.

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