5 Mobile Certifications to Look For on a Resume


As mobility has quickly lurched from a beneficial idea to a company necessity, the entire sector has evolved into a highly complex, legitimate niche. Moreover, mobility has become one of the largest and most important sectors of technology, given advances in local searches, Google Maps, and the Android and iOS app markets. Like other IT niches, mobility has developed a systematic approach to certifications. Here are the top 5 mobile certifications to look for in a candidate.

1. Certified Developer Certification The Mobile Development Institute has a certification for each of three different platforms: Android, iOS, and Blackberry. The Certified Developer Certification requires that the candidate create their own app prior to applying. This entry level certification is unique, in that the test is proctored via remote access to the testing applicant’s computer, and they must edit source code on demand.

2. Java ME Application Developer The Java ME Application Developer requires an Oracle Certification Program Java Programmer certificate (Or Sun Certified Java Programmer certification) prior to applying. This certification is one of the most common in the industry, and uses the JTWI (Java Technology for Wireless Industry) information for its test.

3. CompTIA Mobility+ Comp TIA holds the next two on this list. CompTIA’s certifications are vendor neutral, making its Mobility+ certification versatile and very important. It tests on networking, cellular, Wi-Fi, RF technologies and Bluetooth, as well as network infrastructure, mobile device management, security and troubleshooting. Unlike the previous two, this isn’t a developer’s certification, but rather a very broad credential aimed at other facets of an effective and protected mobile app.

4. CompTIA Mobile App Sec+ CompTIA’s Mobile App Sec+delves more deeply into security than their Mobility+ application. It is offered for either iOS or Android, and for developers as well as security for web services as well as the network communications.

5. Mobile Development Fundamentals Microsoft Technology Associate Mobile Development Fundamentals is another great place to start. This development credential tests the ability to understand and write code in XNA, Visual Basic, .NET, HTML5, XAML and C#. Moreover, this focuses on Windows Mobile, and while WinMo doesn’t have the same market share Android or Apple has, it’s still a valuable credential for you’re a candidate to have.

With regards to mobility, there are a number of certifications, depending on what type of shop you run or your company’s needs. Regardless of what those needs are, we can help. At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we retain the best and brightest talent to help your business grow. We help simplify the hiring process and can help your business find the right talent for the right job. Contact us today to see how we can help your business critical IT staffing needs.

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