Benefits in Automating Future Employee Onboarding Process


Streamlining the IT onboarding process significantly reduces headaches, and makes the hiring process much faster and easier. It allows all the data captured from the application or resume to the first day, which allows your company to effectively collaborate with the recruiter, HR, hiring managers, and anyone else involved.

Moving a candidate’s data from one stage of the hiring process to the next can either be seamless, or cause major friction. Thus, the coordination is paramount to an effective hiring and onboarding process. Here are the top 5 reasons for moving to an automated system.

A. Streamline The Process For Maximum Efficiency

Finding the right candidate and moving them through the process as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal. Hence, the process itself needs to be as streamlined as possible for maximum efficiency, and having a single process helps everyone develop a routine. Having an automated system allows you and your recruiting team to do exactly that, designed with your business’s needs in mind.

B. Helps Keep Your Information Organized

This is a broad and large category, but keeping together what candidate is applying for which position, what credentials and past history they have, and their background and credit check information (if applicable) all together can be difficult. Having an automated process can help, and allow smoother transitions from one person to the next.

C. Collaboration & Access To Centralized Information

There are usually at least three people involved in hiring a new candidate; the hiring manager, recruiter, and HR. These three people have three different purposes, looking for different sets of information. Because of this, having all the information accessible in one centralized place, rather than comparing notes and copying endless forms provides a very valuable benefit.

D. Saving Time Means Saving Money

Time is money, and from seeking out the ideal candidate to giving an offer, time is a valuable factor. Mastering the first three with an automated process will save a considerable amount of time, compared to more inefficient methods.

Finally, having an effective recruiter who understands the process is the key role in an automated onboarding system. While HR and hiring managers are also involved, a tenured recruiter can handle the vast majority of the workload and alleviate stress. Filling a vacancy with the right candidate as quickly as possible guarantees your business maximum productivity.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we understand the challenges in hiring IT positions, and we can help. We have a tenured staff of recruiters to help you find the right candidate and bring them onboard as quickly as possible. Moreover, we work with a wide network of candidates with many diverse skills and different business cultures, guaranteeing long-term success, and we understand automated processes in recruiting to help your business become more efficient in hiring. Contact us today to see how we can help your bottom line.

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