The Biggest Changes In The IT Workplace… They May Surprise You!


If you’ve spent even a little time working in IT, you know that mobile devices are taking over. Employees use smartphones and tablets to conduct business on the go. In fact, these devices are beginning to overtake traditional computers and laptops as the primary means of computing.

Recently, Aruba Networks conducted a study that focused on this shift towards mobility. They surveyed 1,000 IT pros in a variety of industries to see how those professionals were managing Millennial employees, the most highly-connected generation of workers. Aruba also worked with a company called The Future Laboratory to conduct a similar study designed to show what the workplace will look like in just a few years. Together, these studies shed light on some significant changes on the horizon for IT departments and the workplace as a whole.

Some of the most significant findings of the study include:

  • 51 percent of IT professionals in the survey said their companies saw a rise in remote work in the past year.
  • 77 percent stated they saw an increase in Millennial employees utilizing mobile devices for work in the past year.
  • 70 percent said they are under pressure from employees and leadership to deliver mobile work improvements.
  • Of the companies that employed the survey participants, 71 percent increased their Wi-Fi investments over the last year and 56 percent saw their mobility budgets increase.
  • 55 percent of survey respondents work for organizations that allow BYOD.

Just what does this rise in mobility mean for the traditional office? In short, it means that “the office” itself will soon be a thing of the past. While companies will still occupy buildings filled with desks, computers and telephones, the days of being strapped to a desk from 9-5 each workday are numbered. Companies are moving towards open floor plans with shared workspaces. They are allowing flexible scheduling and telecommuting options, focusing more on results than hours spent in the office. In the not-so-distant future “the office” will be a place where teams gather to discuss projects and results, but work will happen anywhere and everywhere.

IT departments must be ready to manage this shift towards greater mobility. If you are looking to put together a team that can help your organization handle these changes, CERS can help. We have been an integral member of the Florida tech community for many years, and we are driven to help our clients reach their goals. For information on filling IT positions in Boca, contact CERS today!

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