Don’t Spook Your Hiring Manager! What NOT to say During an IT Interview


The IT job market can be cutthroat, as there are often hundreds of applicants for a single job opening. It is critical to put your best foot forward in every interview situation, whether you’re speaking to a phone screener, a hiring manager or your potential future supervisor. When you say the wrong things, it makes it very easy for the hiring team to discount you as a candidate.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so here is a quick list of things you should never, ever say during an interview.

“I Have No Weaknesses”

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. When interviewers ask about weaknesses, want to see if you’re willing to own up to shortcomings. Avoid canned answers such as, “My biggest weaknesses is that I care too much.” Interviewers can see right through this. Be honest about a shortcoming, and then illustrate the ways in which you’ve worked to overcome that weakness on the job.

“I Won’t Work More than 40 Hours a Week”

IT departments are critical for daily operations. That means that they are often the first ones in the office in the morning and the last ones to leave. It also means that you could be on call after 5:00 or on weekends. Nobody likes working extra hours, but if you make statements like this in an interview, it tells the hiring manager that you don’t have a strong work ethic.

“I Hate my Current Boss”

You never want to speak poorly about your current boss or your current company. The only person who looks bad in this situation is you, even if your boss is a true tyrant. The interviewer could fear that one day you’ll speak ill of them. It’s best to always take the high road, no matter how tempting it may be to vent.

“I Don’t Have any Questions for You”

Always, always, always come prepared with a list of questions for your interviewer. It doesn’t have to be a long list, but asking zero questions communicates to the interviewer that you have zero interest in their job. Make a list of three to five thoughtful and insightful questions. You may want to ask about career development opportunities, specifics about the types of projects the chosen candidate will work on, or you could even ask a creative question or two such as, “What do you like best about working here?”

If you’re interested in becoming a strong interviewee, consider working with a professional IT recruiter like CERS. Our team can work with you to help you improve your interviewing skills and communicate your strengths effectively to hiring managers. Our recruiters work with some of the most dynamic companies in Florida, and we help connect them with highly skilled IT talent like you. For information on IT jobs in Florida, contact us today.

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