4 Career Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making


Most people want to put their best foot forward in their career and, as such, most employees don’t knowingly engage in behavior that could cause their careers to stagnate. However, there are some common career mistakes that Fort Lauderdale professionals can easily fall into that could lead to unintended consequences. Here are four of the most common pitfalls that individuals make on the job…without even realizing it.

Becoming Irreplaceable

Everybody wants to do be thought of as irreplaceable. However, if management believes you are truly the “best of the best” and no one could ever take your place, you’ll find yourself stuck. Those who enter the company after you will move on and move up, while you’re still in the same position.

To prevent this mistake, be sure to take time to train those who come in after you to handle different aspects of your job. Delegate and expose others to your tasks and responsibilities so that management sees that you are able to move on and up, and that someone else can take your place when you do.

Waiting For Opportunity to Knock

You can climb the traditional ladder, putting in your time, learning new skills, taking on more responsibility and then waiting for promotion. Or you can think – and step – outside the box. Those who get ahead in South Florida’s increasingly competitive corporate job market create their own opportunities. If you have an idea for a product or service, develop it and then pitch it to the company. If you see a way that a process can be optimized to save the company time and money, speak up. As the old saying goes, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Relying On Tenure

There was a time when companies rewarded people for tenure. Raises and promotions were based significantly – if not solely – on seniority. If you’re waiting around for a raise because you’re the senior member of the team, you could be waiting a while.  Today, South Florida companies reward employees for making valuable contributions. Keep track of your accomplishments, be sure to quantify them, and then advocate for yourself based on the numbers during your performance reviews.

Going With the Flow

There is a real tendency to become a “Yes Man” in the office. People don’t want to step on the boss’s toes or upset the proverbial apple cart. However, always agreeing – even when you know an idea is doomed or you notice that product or process is sapping profits – is never a good idea.

Just remember, there are good ways and bad ways to go against the grain. Always be respectful of someone else’s work and efforts, and try to phrase objections in the form of questions. Instead of saying, “That idea will never work, here’s why,” say, “That is a really interesting idea. I’m wondering if we know how the cost will impact potential margins,” to get the other person to move towards the same conclusion you have already drawn.

Recognize When You’ve Stalled – and Do Something About It

Unfortunately, if your career has stagnated in your current position, it can be difficult to jump-start it without making a significant change.  If you are a Fort Lauderdale professional in IT, marketing, accounting, compliance or office administration and your career has stalled, it may be time to move on, and the professional recruiters at CERS can help. We work with some of the most dynamic companies in Florida, and we help connect them with highly skilled talent. No matter what your goals may be, we can help you reach them. For information on careers in Fort Lauderdalecontact CERS today!

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