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A professional recruiter can jump-start your job search and increase the chances that you will land a job that truly matches your career goals. However, this is only possible when you build a strong and beneficial relationship with that recruiter. Follow these tips to help your recruiter help you.

Be Sure You’re Ready To Make a Change

Don’t reach out to a South Florida recruiter just because you have had a bad day or even a bad week at the office. You don’t want to waste your time – or theirs – if you aren’t truly ready to make a change. Only build a partnership if you’re absolutely ready to search for a new opportunity.

Don’t Hold Back

If you want your recruiter to find you the perfect opportunity, you’ve got to give them the honest truth about what you want from a position and an employer. If you don’t think you’d relocate, be clear about that. If you won’t accept a lateral move, let your recruiter know. If you need flexibility in your schedule to take care of children or aging parents, put that information on the table. This will ensure the recruiter doesn’t send you opportunities that you aren’t interested in.

Learn To Accept – And Give – Feedback

One of the biggest benefits of working with a recruiter is instant feedback. When you conduct a search on your own, you never quite know what an interviewer thought of you. However, your recruiter will talk to the hiring manager and will provide you with detailed feedback about what went well, and what didn’t.  You’ve got to be able to accept that feedback and act on it to improve.

You also must be willing to provide the recruiter with your own feedback. If the hiring manager let you sit for an hour in the waiting room and it left a bad taste in your mouth, say so. If you liked a creative aspect of the interview, let the recruiter know so that they can give feedback to their corporate client, as well.

Participate Actively Throughout The Process

When you have chosen a recruiter, provide them with the names of companies where you have previously interviewed so that they can eliminate those companies from their list. Promptly provide all of the necessary documentation they will need, and if you decide to update or change your resume, send them a copy immediately.

You should also return all calls and emails promptly – and be sure to offer your personal contact information so that you aren’t fielding job search communications while you are at work. And if you go a few days without hearing from your recruiter, drop them a line. Communication is a two-way street.

If you are an experienced IT professional in the Boca Raton area who is ready to make a change and you want to partner with the top recruiters in the area, CERS can help. Our team is ready to help you locate and land your ideal job, and negotiate the best possible salary. Our recruiters work with some of the most dynamic companies in Florida, and we help connect them with highly skilled talent. For information on jobs in Boca Raton, contact us today.

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