Current Hiring Trends Means Tougher Competition for Job Seekers


The Great Recession has been over for a number of years, however current hiring trends remained stagnant long after economists claimed we were back in the saddle. According to CareerBuilder’s 2015 hiring forecast, job seekers finally have something to look forward to as employers are regaining the confidence to hire more workers. According to their data, one third of US employers plan on adding full time staff within the next year, the highest number reported since 2006.

Where The Jobs Are

Thirty six percent of employers plan on adding to their full-time, permanent rosters, a 12-point increase from 2014. Industries that are expected to outpace that average include:

  • Information technology – 54%
  • Finance – 42%
  • Manufacturing – 41%
  • Healthcare – 38%

Forty-six percent of employers also plan on ramping up their temporary staff within the next year, a four point increase from 2014. Over the last eight years, an increase in temporary staff was typically driven by the need to maintain flexibility in an extremely volatile market. Looking ahead, however, the increase will be driven by the need to fill in-demand positions quickly while employers take their time finding a permanent employee to step into the job.

Increasing Focus on STEM

Employers are in desperate need of highly skilled STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) employees, and that trend will continue to climb in the near future. Thirty one percent of employers say they will create new jobs in these areas within the next year, an increase of five percent over 2014.

There is a well-documented skill gap in STEM fields, meaning there are more open jobs than there are skilled workers to fill them. Highly skilled and educated professionals in these fields are poised to see significant increases in salary and perks as employers fight for top talent.

Education Matters More Than Ever Before

The increased need for highly skilled technical employees means that employers are putting more emphasis on education than ever before as minimum required skills continue to evolve. Nearly 30 percent of companies say they are hiring more people with master’s degrees for positions that previously only required a bachelor’s degree; and 37 percent are now hiring employees with four-year degrees where previously no college requirement existed.

Now that current hiring trends are back on the rise, competition for top jobs will increase. If you are a STEM professional in the West Palm area who wants to get an edge over the competition, CERS can help. Our professional recruiters will work closely with you to match you with positions where you will thrive. We have partnerships with some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the state who are looking for people just like you. For more information on STEM jobs in West Palm, contact us today.

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