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An excellent resume is the quickest way to get noticed, and will set you apart from the other dozens of candidates applying for the same position. Alternatively, a poorly written – or even mediocre – resume can very quickly ensure that you never get an interview. Even the greatest candidate will never be afforded the opportunity to meet a recruiter unless their resume is on-point. So, with dozens of candidates and only one of you, what can you do to separate yourself?

1. Have a clear objective. Recruiters want to know where you’re going as well as what you’ve done. Are you trying to change IT sectors? Moving from SQL server maintenance to network security? Write this in the objective. Are you looking for a leadership position? Put it in the objective. The objective should be a strong, concise (usually no more than a sentence or two) summary about what you’ve done and what you’re looking for.

2. Highlight your IT skills. This should go near the top, underneath your objective but before your work history or main skills summary. This area should showcase only your top achievements and skills, specifically what sets you apart. This is not an ideal place for routine tasks and skills that other candidates are expected to know, however. This should be one of the first things recruiters see.

3. Describe your Open Source projects. If you have worked on open source projects, these definitely deserve a place on your resume. Where they go will depend on what part you’ve played and what project. On a chronological resume, this should go right below your present employer, or before your most recent – if unemployed. If the part you played is a very small part, it should go beneath your list of employers.

4. List your IT certifications. These are paramount in most IT roles, so make sure they’re easy to find. These can either be in the skills highlights section or just below it. For certifications, it’s best to write them out rather than using the acronyms, but an explanation isn’t necessary – the recruiters know what’s relevant and what’s not. Many candidates put these in education section at the bottom, but often recruiters won’t even look that far down unless they’re already interested. Resumes detail your entire career on a page or two – therefore, it is important to make it a strong presentation of your professional history – in doing so, it becomes a tool for your professional future. It’s the first thing your future employer will see about you. Use this to your advantage.

At CERS, we can help you with your resume – but more importantly, we can help you find the next IT career opportunity for you. We work very closely with a wide variety of businesses, each of whom is looking for something different. At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we understand the necessity of finding the right candidate in soft skills and hard skills (even if your resume needs a little work.) Contact us today and let us help you!

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