How to Incentivize Employees – Without Cash!


In the IT world, it can be tough to retain elite talent without paying a small fortune. Competitive payment certainly speaks volumes – but there are other things (which do not require a higher salary) that also motivates IT employees. Here are the top 3 ways to incentivize employees – without cash.

Remote workforce.

Many IT positions can use some form of remote access to perform their functions. This may not work for an everyday circumstance, but even a day or two per week saves your employee money time in travelling and gas (which effectually decreases their expenses without costing you money). If your company has the infrastructure (VPN, for example) to support this, use working from home as a means for rewarding or incentivizing top performers and retaining the top talent.

Additional vacation time.

While more vacation time is often granted on tenure, awarding it for performance is a great means to encourage employees to be much more productive. Use vacation time as an award for finishing a project early. The increase productivity from an employee washes out the lost day(s) without requiring any additional payroll compensation.

Change their hours.

Some employees would rather work nontraditional hours. Maybe they are furthering their education or have children to care for during the day. An adjustment of even a single hour can make a huge difference for an employee, and in doing so could significantly reduce friction on their personal time. Within reason and provided they meet the expectations, let the employee choose when they come or go.

There is a myriad of other small, innovative ways to create a unique and dynamic culture – none of which require money. You can always ask your employee what they would like to see implemented in the workplace. Find out what they’d like. Casual Fridays? Cake for birthdays? Or an office playlist? Uncovering and implementing things can be the differences between what make your employees consider “work” and what they consider a career.

At CERS, Tech Staffing in South Florida, during our recruiting process we uncover exactly what employees are looking for. Our vast network of elite candidates all have different business culture expectations, and we can pair you with an employee that will value being a part of your business’s team, rather than simply filling an empty role. We pair together the hard skills, but also analyze the soft skills for ideal, long-term career satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!


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