Unemployment Rates and the IT Industry!


The national unemployment average is still hovering at 6.7%, and Florida’s numbers are in line with that national average, weighing in at 6.2%. When it comes to technology employment, the numbers aren’t much better at 7.7% nationally. With so many people looking for full-time jobs, it might seem as though employers are having an easy time filling open positions, but many companies find it difficult to recruit and hire qualified workers, especially those in the technology field.

It’s a Job-Seekers Market Out There

There are several reasons why it’s so difficult to locate good tech talent, but the most obvious reason is that developers and data professionals are able to right their own ticket in this environment. The demand for talent is unprecedented – companies of all sizes across all industries and market segments must have strong developers and they must have teams in place to manage an endless stream of big data.

It’s truly a job-seekers market in the IT world right now. Organizations go out of their way to keep their IT staff happy, and those companies wishing to poach talent must put together extremely enticing salary and benefits packages. Businesses that can’t compete find it extremely difficult to locate solid talent to help them move forward.

The demand for data pros and developers has created a trickle-down effect when it comes to the skills gap. Students choose to study these “sexy” fields because they know that when they graduate, they will be in-demand. This leaves employers scrambling to find tech pros to fill their “unsexy” positions with experienced and qualified individuals.

Employers Simply Don’t Know How to Hire the Right IT Professionals

While the perceived skills gap is a factor in IT unemployment, the biggest reason that organizations find it difficult to fill their open positions is simple: they don’t know how to recruit for IT. Often times, non-technical employees conduct interviews, and they aren’t quite sure what skills and qualifications they should be looking for. Other times, tech professionals handle the interview, but they don’t know how to identify soft skills or match an individual’s personality to the company culture.

So what’s an employer to do? It’s difficult to lure talent away from their current jobs when you’re competing with cool, young startups and large corporations that offer off-the-charts salary and benefits packages. It’s also extremely difficult to revamp a hiring process from the inside out to ensure you’re connecting with the right candidates.

One of the best ways that Florida employers can tackle this problem is through a partnership with an IT recruiting firm. Professional recruiters that focus on the IT industry know how to sniff out candidates who may still be employed, or who have been earning a living working on short-term projects on a consulting basis. They understand what to look for and how to screen and interview candidates to ensure you’ll always be presented with professionals who are the right fit for the organization. IT recruiters can also help you map out a long-term plan for recruiting to ensure you’ll always have access to a strong crop of willing and able IT professionals.

If your Florida-based organization is looking for highly qualified tech talent, Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions can help. We have been deeply involved in the Florida tech market for many years, and we are driven to help our clients reach their goals. For information on finding or filling IT positions in Boca, contact CERS today!

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