To Plug or Unplug Social Media in the Workplace, That is the Question!


Employers often struggle when it comes to creating a social media policy for the workplace, but in our ever-changing online world, it’s never been more important to establish such a policy

The Negatives of Workplace Social Media Access

The biggest reason employers block social media it to limit distraction. Hours can be lost on Facebook if a user is not careful, and that leads to lost profits. Network security is also an important consideration. Hackers use social media malware to gain entrance to many systems, and employees can very easily download destructive malware without realizing it. It can also be detrimental to a company’s reputation if employees take to social media during the workday to vent about their day, their tasks, their boss, or the company.

The Positives of Workplace Social Media Access

There are some benefits to allowing employees to access social media at work. If it is treated as a privilege, it can lead to happier employees. Some of the benefits include:

  • Breaks– employees are more productive if they are able to take frequent, short breaks to recharge their batteries and refresh their minds.
  • It’s a Fact of Life – If they aren’t accessing social media on their desktop, they’re probably sneaking and peeking at it on their personal smartphone anyway. Employees can create effective policies that clearly outline the types of activity is allowed on company owned device.
  • Creating a Fun Culture – More employers are encouraging fun in the workplace. Lots of people find social media to be extremely fun. If they are able to access it, it will make them happy and feel more connected to their employer.

When finalizing and social media policy, it is important to consider both the needs of the organization and the needs of the employees. While some employers choose to ban it, others accept that employees will find a way to access it anyway, and treat it as a benefit. It is possible to allow social media access at work while still maintain boundaries. Often times, a middle-of-the-road compromise is the best choice for employers.

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