Age is Nothing but a Number! 5 Ways Older Programmers Can Land a Job with A Young IT Team..


Nobody likes to think they are getting old. But when you’re surrounded by an army of 20-somethings with shiny new IT degrees, it’s enough to make anyone over the age of 40 feel like a dinosaur. Nowhere is that age gap more obvious than in the world of startups. Many “older” workers shy away from applying to startups because they don’t want to be the oldest person in the room. As the old saying goes; however, age is just a number. There is no reason why programmers of all ages shouldn’t take advantage of the startup economy. Here are five ways you can bridge the age gap and get yourself in with a hip, young company.

One: Be Honest and Upfront (With Yourself AND Them)

During the interview process, take stock of the company culture and be honest about whether or not it fits well with your personality and preferences. If you have family commitments and must stick to a specific schedule, let them know ahead of time. While younger teams may not understand your specific commitments, everyone has a personal life that must be tended to, and it’s always best to be up front about your personal situation.

Two: Don’t Hide Your Wisdom

Younger workers have a reputation for being stubborn and not respecting authority or seniority, but young IT pros are new to the game. They want to learn new things, and if you have exciting insight to share, do it. Let your expertise shine through in your interviews, but always remember to illustrate that you’re also flexible and open to new ways of doing things, as well.

Three: Be Yourself

The minute you walk into a room full of younger workers, you may subconsciously try to fit in. Don’t give in to the temptation. People will see right through you. Always be true to who you are and don’t fake your way through an interview.

Four: Respect The Hiring Team

When the person interviewing you is young enough to technically be your own offspring, they dynamics can be a bit confusing. Always be respectful of the team – never talk down to them or come off as though you think you’re somehow better than they are. Remember what it was like when you were their age, and treat them the way you would have wanted to be treated.

Five: Focus on the Job

The best thing you can do is to forget about age all together. Focus on the company, its mission, and the ways in which you can help them achieve that mission.

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