Adaptive Learning Technology for the Workplace!


There is a new trend in the corporate training space that is proving to be extremely effective: adaptive learning. The goal of this type of training is to teach the same content in different ways, personalizing the learning experience.

Effective Training through Technology

Adaptive learning is not a new concept. Since the 1960s, trainers and educators have touted the benefits of choosing how we learn. However, adaptive learning has not been practical in corporate settings. It is difficult, if not impossible, for companies to schedule training sessions that meet every employee’s unique learning style if some people prefer a lecture, while others prefer book study, and still others require hands-on experience.

The difference today is that adaptive learning is now possible through the use of technology. Tech companies that excel in the traditional education space, where adaptive learning is embraced, are now moving into corporate education. These companies take existing training programs and courses, and turn them into an adaptive experience, allowing users to choose the way in which the information is delivered.

The idea is that there is not a single path that everyone can take to master a topic. Every person is unique, and they have unique styles of learning. A one-size-fits-all method is practical for the organization, but often ineffective for the employees doing the learning.

The Effectiveness of Tech-Based Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning technology not only benefits the user, but the organization as well. When employees can choose their own method for receiving information, they are more likely to retain it, making them more effective in their work. These programs also have the added benefit of data collection – employers can collect solid data on just how effective a particular training program is for the workforce.

Having access to this type of data will allow employers to hone in on what’s working and what’s not working in their corporate training programs. Instead of guessing where and when employees will need development, they can track progress and success in real time. Employees who struggle with certain areas can be identified, and trainers can be dispatched to work closely with those individuals, helping them bridge their skill and knowledge gaps quickly, lessening the chances that those employees will fall through the cracks.

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