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Regardless of the occupation, IT professionals can be time consuming – and costly – to replace. Even if a professional’s performance is mediocre, it can still cost half their salary (and sometimes the entire salary) to find a replacement, and that’s not including lost productivity or time spent for other employees searching for and interviewing replacement candidates.

Moreover, because of the unemployment rate of tech professionals (about half of the rest of America), finding the right person can be difficult. This takes longer than other verticals, and with less of a chance of finding the perfect candidate. However, there is a solution, especially in a hurry:

Pair with a recruiting agency. At CERS, we have talent and can fill your company’s vacancy quickly, with the RIGHT talent. Here’s how:

We already have a talent pool. We vet and retain candidates, both passive and active seekers, with diverse skills and backgrounds. This allows us to quickly find the talent you’re looking for with the qualifications you need.

We know culture. More than just the hard skills you’re looking for; we also know how to staff for soft skills and business culture. We incorporate leadership style, company expectations, dynamics of the position, and a host of other factors.

We improve the quality of candidates. Because our sole purpose is to find IT professionals in different niches, levels of management and with various complementary skills, we effectively recruit much more efficiently.

We know technology. Unlike other recruiting firms, we exclusively recruit and train for technology and IT sectors. Hence, we have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Where others may not know the difference between a front end developer and a DevOps professional, we do.

The primary objective in recruiting should be efficiency, minimizing risk, and cost savings. Hiring the right candidates for each position is not only integral to a company’s success and productivity, it also increases long term job-satisfaction and, in turn, retention.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we have the knowledge to recruit the right people, the understanding of soft skills and business culture, and the experience to put it all together. We know IT, and we provide results – without excuses. Contact us today for the best IT talent in WPB.

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