IT Security Best Practices To Enforce


Data security has never been more critical. Companies are collecting more and more information from their customers, and hackers are relentless in their attempts to access that information. There is nothing simple about security, but there are better practices that your team can put in place to keep your company safe from the most likely and the most common threats to your systems.

Encrypt all data – This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s often the most basic steps that get overlooked. Encryption is critical for not only protecting information, but ensuring data is not lost due to device theft or equipment issues. Be sure that your team is encrypting all data, whether it is stored in the cloud or in-house.

Maintain security patches – This also seems like an elementary suggestion, but updating security patches can fall by the wayside when team members are overwhelmed by other tasks. Set up auto-updates, but be sure there are manual controls in place, as well.

Data loss prevention (DLP) and auditing – DLP and file auditing should always be used to monitor, identify, and when necessary, block the flow of data in and out of your network.

Implement a firm removable media policy – Your organization should restrict the use of thumb drives, external hard drives, USB devices, writeable media, etc. These devices can easily facilitate security breaches.

Do not allow BYOD – If your team members require mobile devices in order to do their jobs, the company should provide them. Personal devices can be loaded with malware that users aren’t aware of, especially among games and apps.

Annually rotate SSH keys – The average employee turnover rate at US companies is two years. Failure to rotate SSH keys annually leaves the network open to access from former team members.

Digital certificates – Do not save certificates on web servers, leaving them vulnerable. Protect them by saving and backing them up to hardware devices. Always have a plan in place for replacing breached certificates.

Continually train end users – Even if you implement every possible security measure, one misstep by an employee can put the entire network at risk. Educate your users with regular meetings, webinars, or team huddles about new and changing security issues.

Hire the right people – Not all IT professionals have the same skill sets. Do you employ security experts on your team, or do you expect your team members to just know the ins and outs of keeping your data safe? If you don’t have at least one security professional on your team, it’s time to get one on board.

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