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Whether you are an IT pro that is proficient in language, programming, design, or security, there’s a place for you in the booming tech job market. With median salaries ranging from $55,000 to $130,000, these jobs are currently experiencing high growth and low unemployment rates. Here is our list of nine hot jobs for October (and beyond):

Software Developer – All of us use software every day. Whether it’s at work or at home, we use software to entertain, manage productivity, and get things done. Software developers design, test, improve, and maintain both applications and operating systems.

Web Developer – These types of developers create the design, the navigation, and the functions of websites. Successful web developers are proficient in coding and stay on top of design trends.

Information Security Analyst – Tasked with keeping data secure, information security analysts keep systems safe from cyber-attacks. These professionals are found across all industries, from government to e-commerce.

Database Administrator – These IT professionals focus on the design, creation, maintenance, and analysis of databases. As more companies begin to adopt big data collection, database administrators will become more crucial to in-house IT departments.

Engineers – Mechanical, industrial, and computer engineers will continue to be in demand in both the near and distant future. They create the systems and infrastructure for a variety of public and private enterprises, and also head up the teams that maintain and manage those projects.

IT Managers – Information technology managers must have a variety of technical skills, but they must also be skilled in leadership and project management. In-house IT teams are going to continue to grow as every aspect of business becomes more reliant on technology. Managers will be necessary to keep the wheels turning smoothly.

Computer Programmers – Programmers create the backbone of software and systems. They must be versed in a variety of programming languages in order to meet the needs of employers.

Computer Systems Administrator – These professionals create the systems that help companies manage workflow. They also isolate and fix issues with networks, and maintain hardware and software. As companies invest in new technology infrastructure, this career will continue to see growth.

Computer Support Specialists – It’s not only important for support specialists to have a variety of technical skills, but they must also have strong communication skills Computer support specialists help users troubleshoot issues quickly in order to reduce downtime.

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