Ask CEOs: Why Work in South Florida?


The Miami Herald recently asked CEOs in South Florida what they would say to pitch top talent on the idea of starting a career in the region. Many CEOs were quick to tout the fact that you can’t beat working in paradise, but the executives raised many captivating points beyond our amazing weather. If you have ever thought about working in the Miami area, here are some sales pitches that might help you take the leap.

The New Silicon Valley

Miami – and all of the greater South Florida region – is well-known as a technology and engineering hub. Not only are more and more entrepreneurs choosing to launch startups here, but established companies are getting in on the act, as well, opening satellite locations and even moving corporate headquarters to take advantage of the tech renaissance.

President and CEO of SDI International, Carmen Castillo, focused on the tech and engineering boom happening in the region. “South Florida is becoming a small Silicon Valley. More large organizations are opening facilities in South Florida to service their Central and South America operations and clients,” Castillo told the Herald.

Pandwe Gibson, Executive Director of EcoTech Visions, also touted the innovation happening in the Miami area saying, “Major opportunities exist in green jobs, technology, and technical trades. Miami is the playground for the innovative — you can create any reality you want if you work hard. If you love the ocean, nature, diversity, opportunity, wealth and innovation — come to Miami.”

Diversity and Multiculturalism Come With The Package

South Florida has a rich history of attracting talented people from all over the globe. This mix of heritage makes the food, music, and culture of the Miami region 100 percent unique, and businesses benefit from the fact that they can tap into an extremely diverse workforce.

Richard Behar, founder and president of Capital Clothing Corp. says, “South Florida is a wonderful place to start a career. It is a very multicultural with a very international character and many opportunities for advancement. Enjoy a great lifestyle with beautiful beaches, excellent weather and nightlife.”

“I wouldn’t even need three sentences. I would simply say: South Florida provides a wonderful lifestyle with interesting people, excitement, growth and tremendous diversity. If that’s not enough, I’ve got the wrong recruit,” said Victor Mendelson, Co-president of HEICO.

Big Fish, Small Pond

According to CEOs, in South Florida, top talent has the opportunity to make a big impact on business, no matter where you stand on the career ladder.

“South Florida is an emerging global community; get in on the ground floor and be part of making it happen. Connect to the world here, and set your sights high. No better place to live, work, play,” said Julie Grimes, Managing Partner of the Hilton Bentley Hotel.

Todd Oretsky, co-founder of Pipeline Brickell said, “South Florida is big enough to have everything you need at your disposal and small enough where you can make a significant impact in business. We are at the beginning of a major economic and social shift to become a globally recognized and truly international city.”

If you’re ready to take the leap and start a career in the Miami area, give the recruiters at CERS a call. We work some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in South Florida, and we are driven to help you achieve your career goals. Contact CERS today to heat up your career.

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