Top 10 IT trends for leaders to look out for


Miami IT leaders need to have their fingers on the pulse of changing trends in the industry.  The field has evolved at a breakneck pace over the last decade, and companies that do not adapt quickly will fall behind their competition. Here are our top 10 IT trends that tech leaders must keep in mind over the next year.

One: Software-Defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a layer of the physical networking equipment that allows virtualization of infrastructure to a point where individual switches and routers are no longer important. SDN is poised to be the next level in virtualization, allowing teams to rapidly scale and change architecture through automated tools.

Two: Software-Defined Data Centers

Networking isn’t the only software-defined hot topic to keep an eye on.  Data centers are also moving in this direction, though it is difficult to truly define this technology at this stage. Early adopters are using SDN with hypervisors and other technologies to move data centers into private cloud architecture.

Three: The Cloud

Yes, the cloud is still important. There haven’t been many advancements in cloud technology over the last several years, however, the ways in which companies are using clouds, and the ways in which the cloud is kept secure, are constantly evolving.

Four: Software-as-a-Service

Like the cloud, there isn’t much “new” about software-as-a-service (SaaS). SaaS has been around for a number of years, but more companies are finally hopping on board, and the number of services offered as SaaS are constantly growing.

Five: Mobility

802.11ac is changing the way enterprises are thinking about and utilizing mobility. Phase one focuses on enhances Wireless-N specs and improving speed. Phase two – which is on the horizon for next year – will focus on 802.11ac features such as multiuser MIMO and beamforming. Companies are starting to zero-in on the scalability of building and monitoring wireless infrastructure.

Six: Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a hot topic for several years. Companies have struggled with BYOD because it saves money, however, it can lead to security vulnerabilities. At this point, the best answer is still, “Do what is best for your organization,” though many companies still do not know whether allowing or blocking BYOD is the right course of action, and solid answers may still be years away.

Seven: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is almost as hotly debated as BYOD. The IoT is the connection of any mechanical device to a network. System administrators often shudder at the thought of managing IoT, given the number of platform, network and security options available, as well as the potential vulnerabilities associated with interconnectivity. However, there are significant benefits to capturing and analyzing data from more devices, and those benefits can lead to greater efficiencies and cost savings. As with BYOD, answers are few and far between, and companies must do what they deem best given their immediate circumstances.

Eight: IPv6

Everyone in the Miami tech market knows that we have nearly reached the limit of available IPv4 addresses. However, many teams have already made the switch to realize the greater communications benefits of IPv6. All companies should know whether they are running IPv4 or IPv6, and should make switching a priority, if they haven’t already.

Nine: Big Data

Big data isn’t new, but it is still an issue for many teams. The benefits of big data are almost limitless, but the burdens on IT departments can be significant. Big data puts big strains on compute cycles, and tech teams can often butt heads with other departments who demand more and more information. Middle ground must be reached in order to get ROI from big data without stretching IT groups too far.

Ten: The Shifting Role of IT Leadership

There has been an ongoing shift in the roles of CIOs and IT managers for the last several years as technology moves from a cost center to a driver of strategic goals.  Despite this shift, many IT leaders struggle to get a seat at the table among senior leadership.  Companies must be willing to give IT managers and CIOs the recognition and the power to drive strategy.

In order to keep your company moving forward, your IT leaders must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and hot topics in information technology. If you want to connect with forward-thinking IT leaders, managers and talent, connect with the team at CERS today. We are a top-tier national recruiting and consulting firm based in the Miami area that works with companies to help them develop and execute strategic hiring processes. If you want to stay ahead of compliance changes in 2015, contact the team at CERS today.

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