Want a Better Salary for Your Next IT Job? Hire an Agent!


When you hear the name “Jerry Maguire,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Did you picture Tom Cruise shouting “Show me the money!” into his cell phone?  Fictional NFL star Rod Tidwell gave his agent one task: Get him the most money he could possibly squeeze out of his team and corporate endorsements. What can IT job seekers in South Florida learn from Rod Tidwell’s famous mantra? If you want to get the most money possible from your next job, work with an “agent” of your own.

Working with a professional IT recruiter is your best shot of negotiating the top salary. Here are some of the benefits of working with a recruiter:

  • They are better negotiators – Even the most confident IT professionals can falter in salary negotiations. It’s easy to become shy when it comes to scoring a sweet compensation package. Using a recruiter allows you to stay out of the negotiation process altogether. You and the recruiter work out your value and they act as your agent, going to bat for you to get you the deal you’re looking for.
  • IT recruiters know the market – Professional IT recruiters in South Florida know the market in your field of expertise and they know what the employer’s competitors are paying for the same types of jobs. If an employer is lowballing you, your recruiter will know right away. Conversely, if they are offering competitive or above-market compensation, they will know that, as well.
  • They know your value – Most IT job seekers don’t know their true value. Some undervalue their skills and experience, and others overvalue themselves. Your recruiter will be straight with you, letting you know what you can realistically expect from South Florida employers.
  • Recruiters won’t forget the perks – When it comes to negotiating compensation, benefits and perks are important. Unfortunately, some IT job seekers get so hung up on salary that they forget to negotiate beyond a paycheck. If work-life balance, flex time, educational reimbursement, travel reimbursement, expense accounts, vacation time, or a good medical plan are important to you, a recruiter can help you settle on a package that includes the perks that you value the most.

If you are an experienced IT professional in South Florida and you are ready to take your career to the next level, consider working with a professional IT recruiter like CERS. Our team is ready to help you locate and land your ideal job, and negotiate the best possible salary. Our recruiters work with some of the most dynamic companies in Florida, and we help connect them with highly skilled IT talent like you. For information on IT jobs in Florida, contact us today.

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