How to Make Your IT Resume Not Suck!


When applying to a new IT position, you have approximately 3.2 seconds to convince the reader you’re worth further consideration. And that’s being generous. Use it wisely. What separates you from the other three dozen candidates? Computer languages? Certifications?


Although those play a role, what separates you is that you’re the person for the job based on your unique combination of – well, everything. So convince the decision maker of that. What’s the problem? Oh, your resume! You can’t get an interview if your resume is sub-par. To get noticed for an interview, avoid these blunders:

  1. Don’t overstate your qualifications. You didn’t create the C++ language and ProjectLibre wasn’t your idea. If you claim to have a CCIE but work in an entry level role, you’re probably going to be placed in the “discard” pile without fanfare. Be honest about your qualifications, and you will be more likely to get noticed for the position you really want.
  2. Be cautious with keywords. They don’t work on a resume like Google’s algorithms do for a webpage. Too many, misuse, or the wrong ones can quickly ruin your chances of an interview. With this in mind:
  3. Streamline your highlights. Rank your achievements, accomplishments and certifications at or near the top. Follow this with job roles and accompanying computer languages with the mastery level of each, in decreasing order of importance. Open source projects and education come last. (However, educational achievements or awards go at the top – and 4.0 GPA does not count an “achievement,” it goes at the bottom under education, if anywhere).
  4. Keep it concise. If you’ve been in the workforce less than ten years, there’s no need for a third & fourth page. If you haven’t been around for 10 years or more, condense it to only the most relevant information.
  5. Don’t include references. It’s a waste of space. Decision makers will ask for them if they’re interested.
  6. Don’t “conceal” a shaky history. If you have turned over in several firms within a short time, be candid about why – if asked. Concealing it hinders your chance at a potential interview. It’s not as sly as you might think; recruiters can pick it up quite easily.

Remember, the purpose of a resume is to capture the attention of the interviewer. It’s not to secure the job – that’s what interviews are for.  However, if you don’t want to deal with the “submit a resume, wait a week” routine, there’s a better option.

Partner with a staffing agency.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we understand you have unique talents, and have a perfect combination for a specific position. It’s our mission to find the ideal  South Florida career opportunity in Miami for you. We know you’re more than a piece of paper, and we learn more about you to ensure it’s a good long-term fit for you and your new employer. Contact us today to see how we can help meet your career goals.


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