The Mobile Market Isn’t Going Anywhere


With unemployment rates still stubbornly high in the US (6.7%) , IT enjoys the lower end of the spectrum nearly half of the national average (across all verticals). This is due to the trends already well known to the tech world. While other industries are reducing human capital or delaying hiring, many companies look to the technology field to increase efficiency and productivity – and with good reason. It works.

However, there are some areas, even within the IT realm, that supply of skilled professionals simply cannot seem to meet demand.

The most prevalent is the mobile market.

The mobile section of the IT arena is one of the newest and has one of the highest demands – considering that everything in the tech world has exploded recently, that’s a huge claim to make. But it’s certainly not baseless.

In today’s world, everything from to the mom and pop shop either have or want their own app, and they want it yesterday. Mobile apps for Android and iOS have been on the market for years now, but as cloud and other solutions grow, mobile demand grows with them. It’s no longer just about app development – although mobile app and software developer demand still has an insatiable appetite – but now it includes complete integration with existing platforms.  Being able to synch iPads, tablets, and cell phones can significantly increase productivity for end users. And what’s more, Big Data is ushering new opportunities to convert this into useful, refined data on mobile platforms.

In addition, many companies supply some of these same products to their employees; sales reps are often issued a laptop, and cell phone; sales managers get both and a mobile broadband card to boot; regional managers and above get – well, whatever they want. Smaller companies may not have these but instead offer a BOYD option. In either case, integration with all of these into a mobile app and/or mobile VPN client requires a team of experts to manage and implement.

Finally, the “internet of everything” has created some intense brain-storming, and mobility has adapted to a much larger role. It now includes, as the name suggests, virtually (no pun intended) everything. Mobility has far surpassed the days of Angry Birds.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we understand where the mobile market is, and where it’s headed. Our job is to make sure your company is not one of those struggling to fill vacancies for these positions, which equal lost opportunity and hence, revenues, for your company. We recruit the top IT talent
in South Florida
with very specific skillsets, and have developed an expertise in the tech industry that is unparalleled. Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help your business’s productivity.

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