5 Tips to Become More Environmentally Friendly at Work


Many people have been making strides towards decreasing their carbon footprint and becoming more eco-friendly in their personal lives. At the office, however, things are often quite different. Here are five simple steps you can take to become more eco-conscious on the job.

One: Fix The Way You get Your Coffee Fix

Coffee is a fixture in every workplace, in every industry. Coffee is so popular that it has become the world’s second most valuable commodity behind oil. Unfortunately, like oil, coffee also has a high social and environmental impact. Ask your office manager to switch to organic, Fair Trade coffee. If the higher ups won’t approve the switch, brew your own and bring it to work in a reusable cup. A single, reusable coffee vessel reduces solid waste by 30 percent per person over the life of the cup, and reduces air pollution by 60 percent per person.

Two: Green Up Your Writing Utensils

Instead of using disposable ballpoint pens, purchase a long-life refillable pen that is constructed from recycled plastic. If that’s not up your alley, look for disposable pens that are made from a biodegradable cornstarch product. If happen to be more of a pencil person, look for brands that are made from sustainably harvested wood or recycled paper.

Three: Pot a Plant

Indoor plants can not only spruce up your office or cube, but they also act as a natural air filter, as well. They absorb many of the pollutants in the air while releasing oxygen into the space. Plants also reduce stress, so there’s certainly no harm in investing in a little greenery for your desk.

Four: Shut Down At Night

Many desk workers leave their computers up and running overnight. A computer that is left on all day, every day uses 1,000 kilowatts or more of electricity. That results in over one ton of carbon emissions (not to mention a hefty electric bill for your employer). Turn your computer off in the evening and you can significantly reduce carbon output, and help your boss save a little money in the process.

Five: Bag Your Lunch

Buying lunch wastes a lot of money, as well as time and gasoline if you have to travel each day to pick up your food. Bag lunches are less expensive and produce far less solid waste than a takeout meal. Purchase reusable containers for your food instead of using plastic sandwich and snack bags, and keep reusable silverware in your desk drawer.

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