4 iPhone Charging Gadgets We’re Obsessed with!

iPhones have been around for several years. While they face stiff competition against Androids in the mobile market, the variety of Apple accessories is arguably superior to any other phone. Among the many accessories, power remains the most vital. Here are the 4 most innovative charging solutions that are game changers.

Duracell Powermat. This handy contraption charges your phone wirelessly. Yes, wirelessly. It uses a case attachment and a “powermat” and comes with an additional case to double the charge. Moreover, several companies have begun investing in permanent charging stations to use in conjunction with this brilliant invention. This is also offered for select other smartphones, making the investment in one even more pragmatic for the future. This will become the new standard.

Acoustic Research USB Wallplate Charger. Another brilliant concept. This covers the face of standard outlet plate and instead of two outlets, it has an outlet and two USB ports. Virtually anything that uses a USB to charge (Bluetooth device, mp3 player, etc) can use this. This is such a creative, yet obviously pragmatic concept that it’s expected in many offices and homes in the future.

Fuse Chicken togoDock. This ingenious contraption is designed for charging while driving, but can be taken anywhere. It uses a magnet and an adhesive mount (with a magnet back – only required to stick to non-metal surfaces) to stick to your dashboard, dresser, refrigerator, or any metal object. Finally, a cradle that is small, unobtrusive, and can charge while navigating. The only real variable is that it’s unclear from the promotional video if it will work with a case.

NOMAD Chargekey/Chargecard. These two use the same concept: to be a portable, very small iPhone cable. (Micro USB also available). The Chargekey is roughly the shape of a key, and fits on a standard key ring. The Chargecard is about the size of a debit card, and is designed to fit in your wallet. This eliminates the need to constantly carry a USB cable around. They’re flexible and small. While they’re not meant to replace the distance of a standard USB cable necessarily, they’re great for those times when you need a cable and don’t have one.

Regardless of what phone you have, these are incredibly handy and very creative solutions to any of life’s mobile problems.

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