Divide and Conquer – Your Hiring Process


When recruiting, it is paramount to carve out a specific direction. Within that direction, it is equally important to have a strategy in place for selecting a candidate. One of the most important features of any strategy should include the intentional avoidance of as many people as possible. Here are the top 4 reasons your strategy should include as few people as possible.

  1. Mixed information. Most candidates already are trying to understand the whirlwind of information around them, and even a seasoned IT professional can become easily confused in the new-hire process. Having multiple people give different information can often be contradictory as policies and methods change. Even if the information isn’t necessary, it can serve to confuse or delay the process.
  1. Streamline Operations. Having one or two points of contact eliminates confusion for the team, as well as the candidate. This avoids duplication of efforts and lets your other personnel perform their functions with minimal interference from incoming new-hires. For example, instead of the HR person becoming closely involved with a candidate, simply have them create a universal packet of forms or information and give it to the recruiting manager for distribution. This dissemination of information drastically increases the efficiency of hiring candidates.
  1. Proficiency. In addition to the increased efficiency that streamlining brings in, having a single point of contact likewise makes this contact incredibly proficient, whether it’s a recruiter or HR manager. Continuous repetition allows them the opportunity to see the moving parts and eventually become subject matter experts. Once they learn what needs to be done, this allows them to re-order or to make necessary changes for maximum productivity.
  1. Speed. With fewer personnel involved in recruiting a candidate, there are fewer schedules that directly affect hiring, background checks, interviews, etc. This fundamentally speeds up the process, and with fewer schedules to coordinate and approvals to wait for, it allows the recruiter to move at the speed of his/her and the candidate’s schedule, reducing snags and halts along the way.

Abide by these four and your company will increase proficiency, efficiency and productivity, allowing you to find the perfect IT professional for your position in record time… And time is money.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we comprehensively understand the science behind recruiting, and can help your business in several ways. We deliver elite talent in time-sensitive situations, can help you understand the process, and offer project teams, in addition to many other services. Contact us today to see how using a recruiter can help positively impact your IT hiring process.

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