IT Hiring Trends for 2015


2015 is rapidly approaching, and that means that it’s time to take a look at what employers can expect from the job market in the new year. There are some important trends that hiring managers should be aware of to help give them a competitive edge in the battle for talent in South Florida.

Competition Will Be Fierce

When it comes to IT hiring, the landscape in South Florida has always been competitive – but in 2015, firms should be prepared to start getting aggressive. Demand will continue to grow, and it will be critical to not only attract talent, but to retain that talent once you’ve got the right people in the right seats. There has been a well-documented skill gap in the IT field – especially in fields like Big Data Analytics – and firms must think strategically to source talent and then be prepared to pull out all the stops to keep IT professionals engaged in their jobs. Now is the time to examine your current hiring and retention game plans, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you’re prepared for the new year.

Incorporating Big Data into Recruiting Strategies

Because the IT hiring landscape in South Florida has become competitive, the same old recruiting methods won’t be effective. Big Data will become an important tool in an effective staffing toolkit. Using predictive indicators and market intelligence, recruiters and hiring managers can reduce sourcing time and spend more energy building their networks and getting to know candidates. Teams that can leverage Big Data and tech-driven recruiting tools will have a serious edge over their competitors.

Contracting Will Continue to Rise

Employers’ reliance on contractors will continue to grow in 2015. Contractors are a cost-effective way to manage short-term projects or to outsource overflow work. At the same time, more professionals will leave their full time jobs to pursue contract employment. Contracting has become a viable means of earning a full-time living for many IT professionals, and the result is a robust marketplace where employers can connect with true subject matter experts to meet their needs.

Recruiting Efforts Will Go Mobile

More and more people use smartphones and tablets as their primary way to connect to the internet. This means that employers who want to connect with the best and the brightest should ensure that their efforts are mobile-friendly. Early adopters of mobile recruiting will have a true advantage over those who are late to the party.

If your South Florida organization is looking for innovative ways to recruit and retain talented IT employees in the new year, CERS can help. We are a nationally recognized recruiting and consulting firm based in the South Florida area that works with companies to help them develop and execute strategic hiring processes. If you want to stay ahead of the trends in 2015, contact the team at CERS today.

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