5 Skills All Tech Talent Needs to Acquire in 2015


IT job growth in South Florida is strong, and that means that technical skills are in-demand both inside and outside the tech sector. Enterprises in all industries are seeking out strong tech talent to help them meet their challenges and grow in 2015.

Here is a look at five skills that are going to be in high demand in South Florida in 2015:

Applications Development

IT departments in all industries are looking for programmers and developers more than any other IT skill. They will be looking for professionals who have experience in complex environments and who have achieved expertise in a variety of languages.

Project Management

As technology continues to play a bigger role in all areas of business and IT projects become more and more complex, project managers are playing an increasing role in enterprises of all sizes. IT professionals with designs on becoming project managers should look into certification programs that will help make them marketable to employers, and they should take on as much responsibility in their current positions as they possibly can. Strong project managers have a solid mix of both business and IT skills.

IT Support Skills

The help desks of 2015 are nothing like help desks were just a few years ago. Technology has crept into every aspect of business and systems have become more complex. That means that the questions and tickets flowing into the service desk are becoming more complex. While service desks used to be a place where entry-level IT professionals got their start, it is now quite common to find engineers and other high-level professionals on support teams.   To excel at IT support, professionals need more than just technical knowledge, they also need to be able to effectively communicate with non-technical employees.

Security and Compliance

Security breaches make headlines on a regular basis, and organizations are willing to throw money after the problem in order to keep their names out of the news. However security is not just a PR issue – threats are very real, and very much on the rise. IT professionals with skills and expertise in security, compliance and governance will be in high demand in 2015.

Web Development

As many developers moved out of web and into mobile, it left a huge gap in the South Florida marketplace for web developers. Despite the fact that there has been an increasing focus on mobile, web development is still extremely critical for business operations. Professionals with web development skills and experience may find that there are a variety of opportunities waiting for them.

If you are an IT professional with any of these in-demand skills, the recruiters at CERS would love to talk to you. We work with companies in Miami and surrounding areas who are looking for experienced and skilled tech talent to help drive success. Whether you are looking for short term, contract employment or a permanent position, we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about joining our network of talent.

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