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Business challenges never stop. It takes intelligence and dexterity to deal with the recession, growing government regulation, advancing technology and global competition. Solutions must be found. And each solution must be cost effective.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions we help companies reduce overhead expenses, increase employee effectiveness, and give managers the flexibility to tackle big jobs and produce great results. Talk to us about how we can help you.

Containing Costs
CERS offers many solutions to reduce overhead, manage operating costs and improve organizational performance.

Challenge: Fixed Expenses are Dragging Down Profits

CERS Solutions: Develop a two-part plan to 1) reduce the number of permanent employees to support normal workloads and 2) bring in extra help when required. Identify the as-needed employees so they can be brought in at the time they are needed. Contractors or temporary staff brings the experience and skills you need. But they don’t add to fixed expenses. They are often as qualified as consultants without the high costs. CERS can find these workers who are available on short notice to serve your company.

Challenge: The Cost of Benefits is Increasing

CERS Solutions: Find more ways to employ contracted temporary employees who receive limited benefits. Costs for these benefits are absorbed by CERS. Adjust benefit programs for different groups of employees. The CERS payroll or employee leasing services may make it possible to offer more limited and less costly benefits.

 Challenge: Overtime Costs are too Great

CERS Solutions: CERS may lease employees to the company. This should reduce overtime as the employees could be used as a supplement to the permanent staff just for the overload, or as full-time temporary staff that allows the work to be completed without incurring any overtime.

Challenge: Existing Employees are not Properly Trained

CERS Solutions: Use fully trained and experienced CERS employees. They have the skills you need and are immediately available.

Challenge: Recruiting Takes too Long, Cost too Much, and Produces Inconsistent Results

CERS Solutions: Reduce time and expenses by using CERS – they are highly efficient at advertising, screening, interviewing and checking references. The end result is you receive a selection of qualified candidates in time to meet your needs.

Challenge: Managing Payroll Costs too Much and is Difficult

CERS Solutions: CERS’s PEO or ASO service absorbs all the expenses of payroll processing and administration.

Challenge: High Unemployment Claims

CERS Solutions: Employees from CERS do not impact your unemployment claim experience since they are actually employed outside of your company. Employees can be leased from CERS or payrolled through CERS.

Challenge: Operating Inefficiencies from Overhead

CERS Solutions: You make money providing service and selling products … not writing payroll checks, complying with OSHA, or in anything else related to compliance and administration. CERS is an outsource provider that offers the same (or better!) work for less cost. It allows you to maintain a laser focus on your core business so you can reduce expenses and improve performance.

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