Cut costs. Improve productivity. Grow Profits.

These are almost always goals of managers. And they are always followed by the same question: How will you achieve the goals during the coming year?

A great place to find the answers is by looking strategically at your employees. This article will show you how to view your current and future staff as the vehicle that will drive the growth of your profits. Take a strategic approach to staffing. Do you plan staffing requirements six months or more in advance? Do you look for ways to use contract and temporary staff to reduce labor costs, expand capacity, and capitalize on new opportunities? This article will introduce you to several ways to use Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions services strategically, as a tool to help your organization navigate the turbulent waters ahead and emerge from the downturn stronger and more profitable.

  • Goal: Contain Costs
    All businesses need to control expenses. When used effectively, CERS services can save far more than they cost. Staffing solutions can reduce overhead and manage operating costs in several areas:

    • Fixed Expenses–By using CERS employees for special projects, knowledge infusion or during peak workload periods, you get the experience and skills you need without increasing your fixed payroll costs.
    • Benefit Expenses–Using staffing services can limit your benefit expenses. Most temporary employees receive limited benefits paid by CERS.
    • Overtime Costs–By using temporary employees, you can reduce the amount of overtime you pay your direct staff.
    • Unemployment Claims–Because CERS provides temporary employees, none of the unemployment claims affect your rating.
  • Goal: Reduce Risk
    CERS can help your business prosper by reducing the risks inherent in hiring and human resource management:

    • Bad Hires–All hiring decisions are risky because bad ones are so costly. To help protect yourself, consider a temp-to-hire option to try out a new employee. If you’re pleased with the temporary employee’s performance, you can offer him or her a direct position. If you’re not, you can terminate the assignment without consequence.
    • Burnout–As the workload increases, tension in the workplace rises, and so do absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, and the need for more management. Adding CERS employees during peak work periods can help relax the demand on your direct staff.
    • Legal Issues—CERS is well-versed in employment law, so we comply with all federal, state, and local regulations. We can also help ensure that you’re following non-discriminatory hiring practices or with diversity initiatives.
    • Layoffs–By using temporary employees on an as needed basis, our clients that experience frequent variations in workload have reduced or eliminated the need to lay off direct personnel during slow periods.
  • Goal: Increase Flexibility
    Today’s organizations are challenged with the ever changing climate of the business world. This requires swift, decisive action or your competitors will gain an advantage. CERS can provide the support and expertise you need to meet market demands quickly, without committing to long-term expense.

    • Operating Efficiency–Business functions outside of your core competencies can be outsourced to CERS. Outsourcing normally translates to decreased expense and increased efficiency.
    • Staffing Options–Temporary employees are an ideal answer to situations with short-term staffing requirements, including special projects, seasonal work, vacation and maternity leaves, and tight deadlines.
    • Hiring Restrictions–If your company has instituted a hiring freeze, temporary employees can help you with the workload without increasing your direct hire headcount.
    • Immediate Placement Needs–CERS maintains a robust applicant databases. We can often identify candidates who have the skills, experience, and personality traits that match your work environment. We can also supply competent temporary employees who can fill in until we’ve found the right candidates for direct positions.
  • Goal: Save Time
    Time may be the most precious commodity in business. The time you spend finding and administering employees is time away from critical job concerns. CERS can relieve your hiring and managing burden.

    • Hiring Process—CERS offer direct placement services which substantially reduce or eliminate the time you spend advertising, screening, interviewing, testing, and reference checking.
    • Training–Because CERS has access to temporary employees with the skills you need, you’ll spend less time training new personnel. We provide access to a full library of training programs our employees can use to sharpen their skills before they begin their assignment with you.
    • Payroll Administration–When you use temporary employees, CERS is responsible for the time-intensive tasks of processing and administering payroll and benefits.
    • Non-Critical Activities–Outsourcing non-critical departments or activities to a CERS can free up your employees’ time and lead to improved performance.
  • Goal: Grow your business.
    Businesses either grow and prosper or stagnate and fail. Staffing can play an important role in facilitating new growth concepts and supporting demands created by an organization’s success.

    • New Ideas–Before you commit to hiring direct staff to implement a new concept, you can test your idea with temporary employees. These temporaries can assume a direct role, or they can fill in for your staff members involved with testing the new idea.
    • Rapid Growth–CERS can act as an adjunct to your human resources department. By taking the time to learn and understand your business, we can help you recruit temporary employees and direct hires that will succeed in your work environment.
    • Knowledge Infusion–CERS allows you to bring in the expertise you need on a short-term basis. These experts, especially temporary technical and professional staff, can also teach new skills to direct employees in your organization. Client often find this alternative is far more cost effective than traditional consulting firms and you have complete control over billable time.

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