Deerfield Beach- Service Advisor


The purpose of this position is to be the liaison between Customers, Repair Technician, and Manufacturer.
You will provide administrative support to the Repair Team in the Service Department and respond to customers’ needs, exceeding their expectations for quality repairs, quick turnaround time, and meeting committed promise dates.


On-site role in Deerfield Beach, FL.
Contract-to-hire, first 6 months through Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions.
Rate of pay $22-25/hour depending on experience.
Bilingual English + Spanish preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

•    Create repair orders and transfer requested parts to be sent to customer, Mobile service expediter for on-site repair.
•    Prepare warranty claims for submission to Briggs, Bernhard, Club Car, Kohler, Salsco, Toro, and/or other appropriate vendors for processing in a timely manner.
•    Monitor all assigned warranty claims from initial creation, through 30, 60, and 90 day follow up intervals, up to final submission and closure process.
•    Reconcile warranty credits and process repair orders for invoicing daily.
•    Review customer bill and warranty repair orders for accuracy prior to submitting.
•    Request specific parts as identified by the vendor to be returned, tagged, and held for 120 days. Upon vender request all failed parts must be returned with all required paperwork and shipped within 24 hours of request.
•    Close all repair orders in three days or less for invoicing.
•    Consult directly with customers initiating the repair order process, documenting their concerns with a review of the unit’s history, inclusive of providing a written quote to the customer.
•    Complete troubleshooting of customer concerns when feasible and rely on the Lead Technician when additional knowledge is needed.
•    Prepare pickup and delivery paperwork and print to warehouse with details of model, serial number and special notes needed.
•    Consult with the customer to schedule their work through Service-Max according to the capacity of the department and to the needs of the customers’.

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