Why Personality Tests Make an Impact


It’s no secret, the cost of a bad hire is sky high. But, how can you mitigate this potential cost AND make better hiring decisions?

Use personality tests.

Personality tests go deeper than “qualifying” a candidate based on skills and job history. Instead, the test uncovers candidate fit based on your company’s culture, personality fit – and other characteristics that could factor into an employee’s future job performance, such as:

Will the candidate be patient?

Are they a team player?

Do they listen?

Will they fit in your organization’s culture?  

Uncover the items critical to success, which can be difficult to uncover if you haven’t been formally trained on interviewing. Also, remember this. A personality assessment shouldn’t be pass or fail. It’s simply a tool to assist with determining a likely fit for your role.

Most Companies, Aren’t Using this Tool 

The Society for Human Resource Management found that 18 percent of HR professionals use personality tests during the hiring process and employee promotions. However, 71 percent of those surveyed said that personality tests are helpful in predicting job-related behaviors and organizational fit.

Implementing this tool into your hiring process, might give you a competitive edge over the competition. Plus, you’ll cut through the hiring clutter, with useful tools to sort out who’s a good fit for the position – and who isn’t. 

Sorting out the Results  

Any manager is capable of administering and reading personality test results. But, should they? Not a good idea, reports Inc. Magazine. For starters, there are legal concerns. Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued criteria regarding the design and evaluating of these types of tests. The Supreme Court has made a similar move, with the 2009 ruling of Ricci v. DeStefano.

Using professionals with knowledge in these areas can assist with finding the right people, without overstepping potentially dangerous boundaries.

Personality Test, Just One Tool  

Personality tests are a helpful tool; locating the talent you need more efficiently. However, don’t use this tool alone. Use in conjunction with other tools, like the resume, interview and how a candidate presents themselves. Also, make sure to put together a training plan, which assists with boosting retention.

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