Stop Wasting your Time, Searching for the Right Job Seeker. Tap into your own Custom Built Farming System!

Stop Wasting your Time, Searching for the Right Job Seeker. Tap into your own Custom Built Farming System!

There’s a huge misconception about hiring in today’s economy. Most people think…it’s simple; with so many people looking for work. So, why is finding job seekers, with the right skills, getting harder? It’s simple.

The widening skill gap.

What does this mean? Job seekers simply don’t have the skills you require for open positions. But, fortunately, there’s something you can do about it.

Tap into Hidden Talent

What if you had a talented group of employees, waiting in the wings, equipped with the right skills for your job openings. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not.

We refer to this as  a farming system. Think about it this way. It’s like the farm team for minor league baseball. Within your organization, you’re building, developing and creating a team of A list players, to seamlessly transition into open positions. This strategy solves the widening skill gap problem, well for your organization anyway – and it gives you a competitive advantage.

Employee Commitment

Developing a farming system within your organization starts with employee commitment. Make every employee, a high commitment employee. What does this mean? Employees with low commitment struggle with motivation and lack of ownership, within your organization.

Solve this problem, by working to identify your employees’ career ambitions – and develop them to transition into the right positions for their talents. With a career path  strategy in place, you’ll also safeguard your company against key employee loss…a problem 4 out of 10 businesses simply aren’t able to manage.

Need help with this? CERS can get you started, creating an internal talent pool, waiting in the wings, to transition into your next open position.

Employee Development

A farming system requires employee development. Schedule regular employee reviews. Plus, think about this. Reviews aren’t just for evaluating performance; although that’s important, too. It’s also for discussing your employee’s career aspirations – and ways to support their growth. For example, you might:

• Endorse an employee attending classes that support their professional goals, within you organization.

• Tap into internal resources, through peer coaching, cross-training and mentoring opportunities.

• Evaluate internship opportunities within other departments.

• Evaluate additional scope of work or responsibilities, to better meet the employee’s professional goals.

Together, these changes will help you create an internal farming system. As a result, employees are vested in your company – and ready to step up. It’s a win-win…for both you and your employees.

Ready to secure a competitive edge, with an internal farming system? Not all companies are taking this approach; giving you an advantage. Plus, you’re side stepping the expensive cost of vacancies. Have you subscribed to our blog yet? With it, you’ll get access to the most pressing topics; conveniently deliver to your inbox. Simply subscribe to our RSS feed today!




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