Stop the “Accidental” Interview Sabotage


You just hired a new employee. They have everything you want on paper – the right job experience, skills and background. But, they simply didn’t work out.

What went wrong?

22 percent of staff turnover occurs within the first forty-five days of employment, according to The Wynhurst Group. To make matters worse, 46 percent of rookies left a company within their first 18 months of employment, found a study of 20,000 new hire employees, by Leadership IQ.

The problem might be traced back to the interview process. Discover what you could be missing.

More than Competence  

You need a competent employee, with the right skills and background to get the job done. But, you also need more. Consider this during your next interview. Does the candidate have the potential to perform the job with a creative or fresh approach? And, do they have the potential and willingness to take on additional responsibilities in the future? Look past competence, to find your next difference maker.

Exploring Fit  

The candidate has the right skills and the right experience. But, once placed in the department, it doesn’t work. Why? Often times, it’s something that happens before the candidate receives an employment offer. They simply aren’t a good fit for your organization.

But, how do you determine fit during an interview? This is arguably one of the hardest items to uncover. Try this. Ask the candidate to define “successful” and their approach to achieving success. This simple question can illustrate how the candidate’s vision of success fits within your company. Or, if it fits at all.

Missing the Commitment  

A committed employee is a hard working employee. But, how can you determine if the candidate will be committed to your organization? During your next interview, ask yourself these questions:

Are they excited to work with you?  

Do they have the right work ethic?  

Will they be happy in this specific type of position? 

Uncover a candidate’s commitment by asking tightly focused questions. For example, you might ask a series of questions, forcing them to commit to the types of projects they like to work on, and don’t like to work on. Provide a list of projects, and ask them to rank which they’d to work on most. This forces them to show their likes and dislikes, to understand if they’re right for the job.

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