Staffing Tips: Let’s Go Hire the Wrong Person!


You just hired a new employee. They seem great. But once they start working – it becomes crystal clear. They simply aren’t a good fit.  And they know it, too.  Within six months, they walk out the door taking your valuable time and resources with them.

Let’s be honest. Have you ever:

  • Accidently hired the wrong person?
  • Felt frustrated with turnover?

Lost money with a bad hire? If so, you aren’t alone. Nobody says “Let’s go hire the wrong person.” But it’s a huge problem. Fortunately, you can change this pattern and increase your hiring return on investment.

Why the Hiring Mistakes?

The problem often starts with the job description. The hiring manager may favor a vague description – thinking it gives more latitude for selecting the right person. Or, they use a cookie cutter template that doesn’t address the skills needed most.

Avoid this mistake by investing the upfront time to determine the skills needed – before speaking with a single job seeker. This prevents an expensive hiring cycle that leads to increased turnover and retention problems.

Let’s Get Specific

Getting specific about responsibilities and goals prior to starting the recruiting process helps reduced the amount of new hires leaving over “poor job fit.”

As a bonus, you’ll likely receive fewer applications. This allows you to recognize a good match when you see it. Staff can also screen applicants faster, which boosts hiring efficiency.

The Right Start

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