Poor Job Fit: A Growing Problem


As the economy recovers, you’d think employees would still be reluctant to make job changes. But this isn’t true, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics. In fact, this wasn’t even true during the recession, when the number of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs surpassed the number of employees fired or discharged.

So why leave a job when economic recovery is shaky or considered by many still in recovery mode?

One word: job fit.

The Root of the Problem  

Poor job fit occurs when the hiring process doesn’t accurately identify a job seeker’s suitability for a job. To make matters worse, many job seekers are pursuing opportunities that aren’t a good match for their behavioral competencies. This makes it difficult for employers to identify when a candidate is truly a match for their position.

Plus, when you hire the wrong person, they start out enthusiastic. But over time, enthusiasm fizzles and the employee becomes dissatisfied. They simply can’t maintain the momentum needed to succeed in the job because they aren’t a good match.

Then, they become disengaged.

Right Match, Equals Higher Engagement

Employees who aren’t engaged are costing your company valuable dollars. Consider this. A study conducted by Towers Watson found that companies with low engagement suffered operating income declines of 32.7 percent. In contrast, companies with a high level of employee engagement benefited from a 19.2 percent increase in operating income.

Translation? Disengaged employees are dragging your company down – and the potential turnover costs are expensive.

However, you can select and retain the right employees for your position through a farming system, defining career paths and setting good benchmarks.

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