What CERS is thankful for this Thanksgiving


Next week is Thanksgiving, the time of year where (mostly) everyone gets off work and is afforded quality time to spend with their friends and families and reflect upon what they’re thankful for. Though, most people probably only focus on their personal blessings and don’t focus too much on their professional ones, beyond “I’m thankful to have a job.”

While it’s perfectly fine to be thankful for your employment, sometimes being reminded of lesser obvious aspects of your professional life can make you more thankful in general about your company, your management team, your coworkers, or something else you may tend to overlook on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why all of us here at Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions took a moment to come up with a list of things in our work lives for which we’re thankful. We tried to make this list of items unique, and while some are specific to the staffing and recruiting industry, we hope that they’re universal enough to be appreciated by those in other industries.

Relationships with our clients’ HR directors, hiring managers, talent acquisition, etc.

Obviously, any successful recruiting and staffing firm strives to have a good rapport with their clients, notably the points of contact within HR or the recruiting department. Perhaps what’s more obvious is that better relationships between the two results in placing higher quality candidate placements, and faster – something that many in this industry would find themselves being thankful for.

We are extremely appreciative of the conversations we can have with our clients, consisting of honest and open dialogue that’s really refreshing. For example, if there’s a particularly difficult candidate search, they are willing to trust us if we have any suggestions that may help.

Coworkers for being supportive when we need them to be – and for helping lighten the mood when times get busy or stressful

Considering we all tend to spend a substantial amount of time at our workplace, especially during busy periods where our workloads increase, having a team of coworkers that can help support that load is an always a welcome resource. Since we often don’t have a choice of who we work with, it’s always nice being blessed with coworkers who we don’t mind working with.

Pretty much everyone has had to work at a job with less-than-stellar coworkers in the past, or maybe even in an environment where they might have been hostile toward you. So while the environment at CERS can be competitive sometimes, we also rely on each other to help place candidates as much as possible, and we still get the chance to be goofy at times, too.

All the coffee!

Wawa coffee packets

Having a seemingly never-ending supply of Wawa coffee packets is one of the better perks that we tend to overlook since we drink it every day. This is probably one of the reasons some of us are able to be as productive as we are.

Being able to make a difference in candidates’ lives and just having them be in a work environment that makes them happy.

At CERS, all we do is find great people and put them to work at great jobs. When our recruiters accomplish this, it’s fulfilling for everyone – the candidate for landing their dream job, the employer for finally getting that rock star employee they were missing, and the recruiter for making a difference…and potentially changing their lives for the better.

And lastly, we’re thankful for our readers and followers

We make sure that we spend time researching topics for articles that are not only interesting and relevant, but also answer common questions that our readers have, or potentially provide insights on how to solve problems they experience in the workplace. Whether you’re a candidate looking for a job or advice, or on the employer side seeking staffing and recruiting insights, CERS is grateful you chose to come our website as a trusted resource.

We hope that your Thanksgiving holiday is a joyous one, and encourage you to also take a moment to reflect on what things you’re thankful for at your job.

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