Proper Thank You Letters

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At Cutting Edge Recruiting we understand the importance of standing out in a crowd and a properly written thank you letter or e-mail works wonders in broadcasting your professionalism and your networking skills.

Perhaps most importantly, you communicate that if hired you bring strong follow-up skills to the position.

After your interview is certainly a time to separate yourself from the rest of the job seekers. We have worked with many job seekers who have won their positions based on professional follow-up and well written thank you letters to all of the hiring managers and recruiters that were involved in the process. Most candidates tend to struggle with thank you letters or e-mails beyond the first paragraph.

Thank You Letter Paragraph Structure

Paragraph 1

The first one is easy as you are merely thanking the person for his or her time spent with you. If you feel you are less than an accomplished writer this is often enough. However, if you would like to make more of an impact, we suggest three additional paragraphs.

Paragraph 2

The second paragraph should outline why you are excited about the company and position. CERS also recommends that you add some content in regards to your excitement to work for/with the person whom you are thanking.

Paragraph 3

The third paragraph should address why you are uniquely qualified for the position.

Paragraph 4

Finally the fourth paragraph is your closing paragraph and that should include a statement reminding them that you are excited about the next step or conversation with them and / or any of the other decisions makers in the hiring process.

Example Thank You Letter:

From: Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions
To: John Smith

Hello John,

Thank you for the time you invested during our phone exchange this afternoon. I enjoyed our conversation and appreciate your candor regarding the changes that have taken place as a result of the new leadership within ABC Company. I have been through several leadership changes while working for prior companies so I have experience working through management transitions. Andrew Jones, the new president sounds very qualified to lead the organization to the next level and I’m excited about the opportunity to join the business development team.

I’ve worked in the ____ industry for over 10 years and always admired the reputation ABC Company has built with their clients and service offerings. After hearing you explain your commitment to customer satisfaction for the last 20 years, I’m not surprised.

During our conversation you had mentioned the importance of selecting a candidate that could hit the ground running. For over 10 years I have been successfully creating new business in the territory that your company currently has an opening. I have a strong sense of the geography and have built a strong network of buyers in organizations who may benefit from ABC’s product/service.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you and Mr. Jones on Friday at 10am to further outline your needs and my experience. I hope you and your wife enjoy the concert tomorrow.

Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions

Bonus Information

Imagine, if your interviewer mentioned a specific interest during your interview, you could add something about that interest in your thank you letters after job interview. That something of interest doesn’t even have to be very involved or even that impressive; but it can often still make a significant impact. A simple link to a published article, a relevant contact name (of someone other than you for the position), or a list somehow related to that subject should be plenty. Before sending it on, however, be sure to put a note in your thank you letter that explains how and why you opted to send this information.

Refer back to the conversation you had in the interview, such as “during our interview, you mentioned that you would be skiing in Lake Tahoe this season. A friend of mine who lives out there recommended that I go to this restaurant that is supposed to be amazing. I’m passing this on to you and hope you get a chance to eat there and tell me about it.”

Adding an informational gift to your thank you letters after job interview accomplishes several tasks. In the first place, it distinguishes you from the many other letters that the hiring manager may receive. In the second place, it reminds the interviewer of the good interactions you had. In the third place, it demonstrates that you are in the habit of anticipating other people’s needs and meeting them without being told to. In the fourth place, it creates a small bit of a relationship between yourself and the interviewer; at least compared to the other candidates. Finally, it makes the interviewer believe that communication from you has something of value for them. This is a great return for something that only takes a few minutes to do.


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