Make your IT Career Goals a Reality


Without goals, even the most capable IT professional is wandering around in an occupational desert, stumbling astray by the occasional mirage. Goals are not a measure of competency; they’re a measure of focus.

All the ambition and skill in the world is worthless in advancing if one’s ambition takes them everywhere at once. Going six different places at once is counterproductive, as it doesn’t provide any true direction. The difference of channeling ambition into goals is the difference between a focused laser and a floodlight.

In light of that, there are several specific steps which will greatly benefit you and your IT career, regardless of where you are.

  • Write it down. Put it somewhere you will see it. Daily. Several times a day. Remind yourself of that goal, whatever it is. If it’s worth your emotional investment, it’s worth seeing.
  • Be realistic. If your goal is “to be Cisco’s CEO” that’s quite ambitious, which is a good thing – but focus on finding a job at Cisco, or becoming your department head first.
  • Set a date. If you’re going for your CASP or CCNP, go ahead and reserve your test TODAY, for six months out. Don’t reschedule, and start studying now with a commitment to yourself of a comprehensive study plan, or a plan of action to achieve the promotion. At the end of the day, a goal is a commitment to you.
  • Create sub goals. If you want to learn to program three new languages for marketable versatility, outline when you want to accomplish each language. For example, master C# by the end of the second quarter, Python by the end of the third, and PHP by the end of the year.
  • Be focused. Everything in your professional career should be aimed towards achieving your goals. This is education and certifications in addition to your actual work experience. For example, if you want to move up, seek out the certification now so that when the time comes, you’ll already have it.
  • Be disciplined. The reason your goal should be in daily view is because it is something that should become a part of you. This requires discipline. If it’s not something you feel strongly enough to incorporate into your daily routine, it’s a wish, not a goal.
  • Pair with a staffing agency. Staffing firms see trends firsthand, and know what business will be hiring and for which skills. They have a comprehensive understanding of the best way for an IT professional to position themselves for future growth.

At Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, we can help you shape your goals and achieve them. We work with a wide variety of candidates to help them find their ideal IT Job in Boca Raton and surrounding areas. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals!

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