How to conduct a job search without your boss knowing


Many employed professionals keep one eye out for new opportunities that will help them grow their careers. However, it can be difficult to actively seek out those new opportunities when they arise, because alerting your boss to your search could spell career suicide. This fear keeps many people in place, hoping that the right opportunity will one day land in their lap. The good news? It is possible to conduct an active job search while you are employed, if you follow this advice.

The first rule of job searches? Don’t talk about job searches

It should go without saying that you don’t want to tell your boss about your search, no matter how preliminary or passive it may be. It is equally important not to discuss what you’re doing with anyone in the office, including people outside your department. In fact, it’s best to not discuss it anywhere but your home. You never know who may be seated around you at a local restaurant or who might catch you browsing job postings at a coffee shop.

Don’t take off work for interviews

Many people schedule interviews during the work day and then take off for “doctors’ appointments.” Don’t lie to your boss. Managers have been around the block enough to know that healthy people don’t go to the doctor every week. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a potential employer to schedule interviews during off hours. Be honest and say you aren’t comfortable taking time off of work. In many cases, they will appreciate the respect you are showing your employer by not milking your PTO. If they can’t accommodate time before or after work, suggest a lunch hour.

Honesty is the best policy

When an interviewer asks you if your current employer is aware of your job search, be forthcoming about your situation. Explain that you’re currently satisfied where you are and thus, you are conducting a confidential search. Ask them to contact previous employers for references, instead. Being honest won’t rule you out as a candidate, but lying may put you in a tough spot if the hiring manager calls your boss for a reference.

Work with a recruiter

One of the most effective ways to conduct a confidential search is to work with a recruiter. These professionals are used to working with employed candidates and they will understand your desire to talk outside of normal business hours. Recruiters work hard to identify only the best positions for you, so you don’t waste your time on interviews for jobs that aren’t a good fit. They do all of the upfront work, as well, locating open positions that would be a strong match and removing the temptation to check job boards or make phone calls during work hours.

If you are a professional in the South Florida area looking to conduct an effective, confidential job search, contact the recruiters at CERS today.

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